The next Eternal It will be released in November, and fans still don’t know what the plot of the movie is. Marvel has given vague hints, hinting that the Deviants will be the main antagonists. Furthermore, the trailer revealed that the Eternals have been on Earth for centuries, seemingly helping humanity along the way.

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As with any other MCU project, Reddit fans have already come up with numerous theories about the movie. Some of them are definitely catching up, but others have potential and could very well turn out to be true. Passionate fans love to theorize about their favorite MCU properties, and Eternal is the perfect project to let your imagination run wild.

10 The movie will show how the celestial from Knowhere lost his mind

Knowhere: Guardians of the Galaxy Screenshot

Most MCU fans wouldn’t want to visit Knowhere. It is a lawless place where the worst people in the galaxy gather, an outlaw haven housed within the severed head of a Celestial. Peter Quill even says it “sucks”, and most of the public would agree.

However, fans still want to know how that particular Celestial died. Reddit user CorvusGuevara proposes that Eternal will show the death of the celestial, and based on the enthusiastic response it received in the comments, that’s something fans really want to see.

9 Sersi and Dane’s son will be the MCU’s first mutant

Kit Harington as Dane Whitman Black Knight Gemma Chan as Sersi Eternals

The arrival of the X-Men to the MCU is still pending, and fans continue to have ideas about how it will happen. Many thought that Wanda would create them along with the hex, but it turned out to be wrong.

Redditor Realistic_Analyst_26 came up with a theory linking Eternals to mutants. The Redditor proposes that The son of Sersi and Dane Whitman will be the first host of the X gene, inspired by a YouTube video from New Rockstars. It’s an ambitious theory, and while it may seem a bit far-fetched, there’s no question that Sersi and Dane’s relationship will be crucial in the movie.

8 Gilgamesh is the antagonist

Don Lee as Gilgamesh Eternals

Don Lee will play Gilgamesh, the strongest Eternal who develops a close relationship with Angelina Jolie’s Thena. Redditor NightHunter909 does not believe that the Deviants are the main villains of the film due to their absence in the promotional campaign. Instead, the Redditor believes that Gilgamesh will be Eternal villain.

In the comics, Thena has an affair with the deviant warlord Kro. This Redditor believes that Kro will be another Gilgamesh identity or that Gilgamesh will play the role of Kro in the film. Furthermore, they also propose that Thena will play an antagonistic, though not entirely evil, role in the film.

7 Ikaris is the antagonist

Richard Madden as Ikaris Eternals

Redditor’s mildoptimism believes that Ikaris, not Gilgamesh, is the true villain of the film. Circa 2019, Eternal it was said to follow Dane Whitman’s love story of Sersi and Kit Harington. However, the teaser trailer showed a romance between Sersi and Ikaris.

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The Redditor proposes that Sersi will break up with Ikaris over a disagreement about how to treat humans. He will then begin a romantic relationship with Dane, which will make Ikaris jealous and make him the antagonist of the film. Ikaris is the Prime Eternal in the comics, so making him the antagonist would be a bold move. However, Marvel has experimented with its characters before, so it is unprecedented.

6 The black knight is the villain

eternal movie trailer ikaris leader of the avengers black knight

comics reward believes that Black Knight will be the villain of the film. The user posits that the Eternals will separate Sersi and Dane due to his human nature, making him resentful.

Unlike the theories of Ikaris or Gilgamesh, there is actually a precedent for an evil Dane Whitman. In the comics, Whitman’s uncle was an evil Black Knight. Additionally, Whitman also has a corrupted alternate version, Proctor, who travels through the multiverse, killing every version of Sersi out there.

5 The Eternals already fought (and lost) against Thanos

Cast of Eternals and Thanos in Avengers Infinity War

One of the main questions about the Eternals is why they didn’t fight alongside the Avengers during the final battle against Thanos. Redditor Thanosisfather has the perfect answer: they already fought against the Mad Titan and lost.

In the comics, Thanos has deviant genes, and the user believes this will translate into the MCU. Thanos ‘despotic actions throughout the universe put him on the Eternals’ radar and involve him in battle. However, they lose and flee back to Earth, where they insert themselves among the humans, influencing the final creation of the Avengers and preparing them for the eventual arrival of Thanos. It’s a very intricate theory that severely weakens the power of the Eternals and at the same time makes them directly responsible for the entire MCU. Fans may not like this one.

4 The Eternals admire the Avengers

Redditor swallowyourmind believes that the Avengers are the central source of good for the MCU, and all the characters know it. In your reply to another thread, you propose that Thanos dusted off half of the Eternals with the Snap, leaving them confused and scared.

Once the Avengers bring everyone back, the Eternals gain a new respect for humanity and decide it’s time to reveal themselves. Once the threat of Deviant arises, they seize the opportunity to clean up their mess, inspired by the courage of the Avengers.

3 Thanos dusted off the Eternals

Thanos appears in Avengers Infinity War

Another theory that attempts to explain the absence of the Eternals in Endgamefundamental and iconic final battle, this is courtesy of LilMon Reward. Perhaps the simplest explanation for why these almighty individuals did not help is that Thanos dusted them all.

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Returning to Earth all at once, they struggled to respond to Dr. Strange’s multidimensional call for help. It might be a bit far-fetched to believe that they were all dusted off, but stranger things happen every day in the MCU.

2 The Eternals decided not to fight Thanos

Thanos in his last battle in Avenger Endgame.

In the debate over why the Eternals didn’t show up in battle, Redditor ProfessorBeer goes one step further and proposes that they had no reason to participate.

The user proposes that once the Dusted Eternals returned, they analyzed the situation and decided not to interfere. The Redditor claims that an average Avengers-level threat, a la Loki or Ultron, is not enough for the Eternals to participate. Also, Thanos has been dead for five years at the time of the battle, and they are unaware that an earlier version of the Titan traveled in time to reach the Avengers compound. In short, they lacked enough information and made a conscious decision to let the Avengers deal with the problem.

1 Eternals are antagonists of phase 4

Eternals movie costumes

Perhaps the wildest theory out there, Redditor Daytman believes that the MCU is setting up the Eternals as the villains of Phase 4. The thesis is too detailed, demonstrating the user’s commitment to back it up. In short, the user believes that there is no room for Eternals in the Avengers, but they work perfectly as Anti-Avengers.

The user further supports his theory by saying that the theme of Phase 4 will be compelling antagonists rather than one-dimensional villains. It’s certainly an intriguing thought that could be a game changer for the MCU, but fans will still have to wait four more months to see if there’s any truth to it.

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