The future is wide open for mutants, and Cable # 12 suggests that there is at least one future for the mutant soldier that has a happy ending.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Cable # 12 from Marvel Comics, on sale now.

Cable has always been hunted and destined for the wars of the far future, and his quest to change or improve those futures is often a defining element of his character. Things have been complicated in the modern era thanks to the presence of the younger Cable in Krakoa, but it turns out that there is still serious hope for tomorrow, and the adult Cable knows it.

In Cable # 12 By VC’s Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, And Joe Sabino, Young Cable Returns To His Rightful Place On The Timeline, And His Older Self Is Revealed To Be Fighting For A Future Where Earth Seems To Be At Peace and has met with him. an older Esme.

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Cable Esme Future 1

Cable’s young incarnation has been a part of the Marvel Universe since his arrival over the course of the Extermination history. In Krakoa, he found a place for himself and had the opportunity to spend time with the extended Summers family in a stable environment, where the young telepath quickly adapted to his new, non-apocalyptic way of life. He even found love with Esme, one of the Cuckoo sisters, their romance being one of the main lines of Cable. However, Nathan’s commitments extend beyond the present. Thanks to the machinations of Stryfe, the original evil Cable clone, young Nathan has been forced to try to adapt to an enemy seemingly nine steps ahead at all times.

Despite his best efforts, Cable was forced to resurrect his older self, a decision that ends with Nathan being forced to return to the stream of time and walk away from the life he has built. It is a decision that has weighed heavily on him, especially since Cyclops and Esme have resisted this eventuality out of affection for the young man. But with Stryfe preparing to kill a host of mutant babies, Nathan has no other choice. Working alongside their older self and several of their main allies, the Cables pair lead a successful offensive against Stryfe. Cable even goes so far as to say goodbye to the life he had built, saying goodbye to Esme and her family. Before he makes the final leap, Esme can open up about how much she cares for him and removes a necklace from him as a memento of their time together.

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Cable Esme Future

Upon reuniting with his future self, he attempts to ask the Elder Cable questions about his fate. But the older Nathan, knowing that many of the questions have to do with Esme, refuses to participate. Instead, he tells his younger incarnation that if he wants good results, he will have to fight for them. However, it turns out that there is a reason he is keeping the ending of their romance a secret from the younger Nathan, as it appears that the older Cable still has a deep connection to Esme. Going back to when the oldest Cable traveled back in time to the events of Extermination So that he could die by the hand of his younger self, Nathan joins Esme – older, wiser and still wearing the same necklace she took from him in his youth. She admits that she has a soft spot for the “boy” and shares a smile with Cable as she travels back in time.

This suggests that the couple are at least on good terms in the relatively near future and have possibly even resumed their romance. It’s a surprisingly sweet ending to the Cable / Esme relationship, suggesting that while it may not materialize today, the couple could have a better chance in the years to come. Given the recognizable New York skyline outside your window, it also implies that this future is indeed quite happy. Sentinels are not seen in the skies, mutants are not being hunted in apocalyptic wastelands, and Esme appears to have lived in middle age and apparently thrived, given her casual appearance and happy demeanor.

It seems that the future Cable is aware of a timeline in which the future may be positive for mutants and the world as a whole. Considering that even Moira X was concerned that there was no chance of a happy ending for mutants, this seemingly normal but peaceful future is proof that there is still a chance of a happy ending for mutants, and that is hope. that keeps Cable and the rest of his family fighting.

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