The Marvel Universe is home to some of the greatest heroes ever made into fiction. These characters represent kindness and selflessness and give readers something to aspire to in any way possible. However, naturally, that good cannot exist without evil.

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Unfortunately, this universe also sees tremendous darkness, from lone serial killers to planet-eating forces of nature and beyond. The heroes of the Marvel Multiverse constantly battle enemies of such horror that it’s hard to believe they can keep fighting the good fight. Sometimes a villain may have the potential to change, to see the error of his ways. Then there are those who are completely beyond redemption.

10 Mac Gargan wants to be a top villain

While Mac Gargan, aka the Scorpion, did not initially choose the life of a villain, he quickly adapted well. In his early days as a minor Spider-Man rogue, there was nothing particularly special about Gargan and his exploits, and that was the problem. He wanted to get noticed.

After years of not getting to much, Gargan would finally be offered a chance to bond with the Venom symbiote, which he enthusiastically accepted. Under this new cloak, Gargan decided to embrace everything that came with the role of Venom, including murder and cannibalism. He has since reverted to his Scorpio persona, but his bad deeds will follow him forever.

9 Barracuda was the happiest psycho in town

Barracuda.  Punisher MAX

A considerable enemy of the vigilante, The Punisher, Barracuda was a man of exceptional physical strength and durability. He used these abilities in his work as a deadly mercenary for whoever he paid for, but what set this guy apart from the rest was how happy he always was.

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If it’s a heinous crime, Barracuda did it with a smile on his face. He loved causing pain and death and especially enjoyed targeting Castle to torment him. He continued his evil actions with a big smile until the moment Castle blew him up with Barracuda’s weapon.

8 Bullseye is an unapologetic killer

One of Daredevil’s main enemies, the psychotic Bullseye, is one of the worst of the worst in the Marvel universe. With his perfect aim, the hitman has left countless bodies in his wake.

Bullseye was never forced into the world of murder and there is no place for him to change and become a tragic hero. He also likes to kill and profit from it. One of his most heinous acts to this day remains his brutal murder of Elektra, an act that has gone down in comic book history.

7 The red skull has haunted the earth for decades

The red skull leads his villains

From his earliest appearances in WWII to this day, Red Skull has been a serious threat to Marvel heroes for his own insane gain. He used to be a Nazi agent and served directly under Adolf Hitler before becoming the arch nemesis of Steve Rodgers, also known as Captain America.

Despite various deaths and rebirths, Red Skull always finds a way to keep placing Earth and everyone on it in imminent danger. In recent years, he used Charles Xavier’s brain to become the Red Onslaught, an immensely powerful being. No matter how great the losses he suffers, he will always come back.

6 Jackal cloning experiments show no mercy

Miles Warren The Jackal

Miles Warren the Jackal is a mad scientist obsessed with cloning. He created clones of Gwen Stacy (who he had a crush on) and Peter Parker, the result of which led him to discover Parker’s superhero alter ego.

Years later, his experiments escalated to unimaginable volume, with hundreds of Parker clones creating chaos and working with the presumed late Norman Osborn to ruin the hero’s life from the shadows. He manipulated and traumatized clones like Ben Reilly and Kaine, the first of whom he would kill and re-clone 26 times. He didn’t care about his creations and would kill anyone he deemed less than perfect.

5 An evil version of Hank McCoy was an absolute sadist

Dark beast

In the alternate reality called The Age of Apocalypse, Hank McCoy’s version of that world, also known as the Beast, was an insane monster. He loved torturing innocent people and conducting twisted experiments on others. Many would die by his hand, a fact of which he was utterly proud.

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He would find his way to reality 616 and imprison and pose as the real Beast. During this time, he murdered many close friends and loved ones from Hank’s past and assisted the villain Onslaught in his attack on the world. Eventually, this Dark Beast would be killed by the hero Magik.

4 Onslaught was the ultimate test for the X-Men

X-Men Onslaught

A being of immeasurable power, the mortal Onslaught was born out of the darkest emotions and fears that Charles Xavier would merge with the hatred and pain of his nemesis, Magneto. Onslaught toyed with the X-Men from the shadows before revealing himself and waging war on Earth.

While seeking to further enhance his powers, Onslaught kidnapped and absorbed Frankin Richards, the son of Sue and Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four, as well as Nate Gray / X-Man. This helped make him an immediate global threat, the defeat of which required the combined sacrifices of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Fortunately they would return in time, and unfortunately, so would Onslaught.

3 Galactus wipes out entire worlds with no regrets

Galctus vs. Mephisto 2

The gigantic cosmic entity known as Galactus is a force of nature, but that doesn’t mean his actions aren’t really evil. In his attempt to satisfy his never-ending hunger, Galactus travels the universe in search of worlds to consume, regardless of the population already there.

His trail of destruction has brought him into conflict with the heroes of Earth many times, and not just the main reality 616. Eventually he found a way to cross dimensions and went after Earth from the Supreme Universe, leaving more devastation in his wake.

2 Cletus Kasady was a monster before the symbiote

Cletus Kasady is arguably the worst serial killer in the Marvel Universe. He racked up a massive death toll and honed his haunting abilities over several years, and this was all before he teamed up with an alien symbiote to become Carnage.

In the years since that nightmarish merger, Carnage has killed countless more innocent people in his never-ending quest for horror. He is fully aware of the pain it causes and does not care. The only thing Carnage wants is death, and even dying himself has not been able to stop him on his mission.

1 Norman Osborn will stop at nothing to get what he wants

Norman Osborn Clone Saga

Norman Osborn has been known by various names like Iron Patriot, Red Goblin, or of course the manic Green Goblin. As the arch enemy of the one and only Spider-Man, Osborn has dedicated his life to ruining his rival’s. He kidnapped his Aunt May and held her captive for years and worse, he was responsible for Peter and his wife Mary-Jane losing their unborn daughter.

Osborn’s heinous revenge has gone so far that he has willingly, even happily, put his own son and grandson in danger if it helps him gain an advantage over Spider-Man. While he doesn’t have as high a body count as Carnage, it is the cold-blooded and indifferent nature that he will take advantage of literally anyone due to his inferiority to a true hero.

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