Avatar: The Last Airbender star Jack De Sena says he is a fan of the ship “Zukka” that fans have created for his character Sokka and Prince Zuko.

Avatar, the last airbender Star Jack De Sena, who voiced Sokka on the original show, says he likes the ship “Zukka” that fans have created between his character and Prince Zuko. The ship has gained significant traction in recent years, especially following renewed interest in the series after it hit Netflix in the summer of 2020. Avatar was one of the original shows that featured heavy submissions online, it’s fun to see that fans are still so passionate about their favorite characters.

Sending, or the act of pushing for two fictional characters to have a romantic relationship with each other, has been around for decades, dating back to famous people. Star trek Kirk / Spock ship in the late sixties and seventies. However, the naming conventions and fan culture around shipping didn’t begin to fully materialize until the late 1990s and early 2000s. Avatar had several major fan ships during his career, with competitors “Kataang” (Katara and Aang) and “Zutara” (Zuko and Katara) being the two dominant. However, they are far from the only Avatar, the last airbender Boats have gained further momentum in the community.

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One ship that has been lifted more recently is the ship “Zukka” between Zuko and Sokka, of which the voice actor for the latter character says he is a fan. Appearing in the Defying the elements Podcast hosted by Korra voice actress Janet Varney and Zuko voice actor Dante Basco, De Sena said she “enjoys” the Zukka ship, listing it among her favorite ships from the franchise when asked. It also provided some support for the classic boat Zutara. “I feel a bit like Zutara, in many ways, I support Zutara”, De Sena said. “I am enjoying the growing presence of the Zukka shipment. I am enjoying it.”

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Avatar of Sokka Zuko, the last airbender

Technically speaking, the Zukka ship has never been shown to be non-canon, unlike Zutara. It has never been clarified who the mother of Zuko’s daughter Izumi is or who she was with before her birth. Likewise, Sokka’s long-term adult relationships have remained a canonical mystery, although he maintains a committed relationship with Suki in all the comics that have been released thus far.

With many new features Avatar Movies and shows hailing from Nickelodeon’s Avatar Studios, there might still be hope for all the fans whose ships have yet to be confirmed or denied. The franchise has paved the way before by canonizing relationships between LGBTQ + characters, and with the new studio now granted a greater level of creative independence from the rest of Nickelodeon, Avatar You could continue to push your screen / page relationships in a progressive direction. For now though, it’s fun to hear that De Sena is such a fan of Zukka. Avatar, the last airbender Boat.

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Source: Defying the elements

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