With the announcement of a two-part Bob’s Burgers episode in season 12, Tina’s friend fiction will come out of Blade Runner, Jurassic Park, and more.

From its earliest days, Tina’s erotic friend fiction has been one of the longest running jokes of Bob’s Burgers. His creativity never ceases to amaze and confuse characters and audiences, as his writing has covered a wide range of properties, including Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons, ER and many other titles. However, it appears that the upcoming season 12 of Bob’s Burgers you will have your greatest exploration in your friend-fiction.

Announced during the Bob’s Burgers At the Comic-Con @ Home panel, there will be a two-part episode towards the end of the season dedicated to the fiction of Tina’s friends. This unnamed episode is still in the early stages of development, but some details about it were removed, including how it would have a Bounty hunter feel it.

From what can be gleaned from the online panel, this two-part episode is about the Belcher family trying to figure out what’s going on with Tina, so they dive into their friends fiction hoping for an answer. Like other episodes of Bob’s Burgers that have featured extended cuts and cinematic references, this is most likely the case here, with a significant amount of the episode taking place in Tina’s friends fiction.

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As is common for Bob’s Burgers, there will be many pop culture references beyond Bounty hunter, with showrunner Loren Bouchard also releasing titles like Ex machina Y Westworld. It seems like Tina wants to write about androids to deal with her problems at school, leading to a friend fiction that leans a lot toward “sexy robot movies,” according to Bouchard. This will also go against Gene’s views on robots, as he is a classic robot type, which generates more humor between the two brothers.

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tina bobs burgers friend fic

Showrunner Nora Smith adds that this episode will go beyond the sci-fi genre. The family will also review Tina’s past work, and her other friend’s fiction is influenced by Grease, Fast and Furious, Saving Private Ryan Y Jurassic Park.

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In addition to being a great episode, the showrunners are debating whether this episode should have extended minutes with no dialogue, predominantly relying on the music, sound, and action for the narration. This, in turn, would feel like a classic cartoon or an auteur movie, depending on how it’s run.

Whether or not this will happen has yet to be confirmed, but if it does, then this could be the longest sequence in Bob’s Burgers not have dialogue. This is a major deviation from one of Bob’s Burgers’ Stronger elements, as Bouchard praises the show for being something that can be heard without necessarily seeing, similar to a podcast. Without dialogue, these sequences require the audience to actively observe what is happening to know exactly what is happening.

It will be some time before audiences can see if this approach works, as season 12 will premiere on September 26, 2021. While not everything is set in stone, the fact that this two-part episode will be a mixed bag. of friends’ fiction and movie references bodes well, especially given the Bob’s Burgers’ recorded audio.

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