A team of Batman’s greatest villains find themselves under the direction and care of Catwoman, in a desperate plea to fight the system.

DC comics’ Catwoman finds herself the leader of a group of rogue Batman mainstays, who have become reformed citizens, after years of finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Following the events of Catwoman 2021 Annual # 1 of Ram V, Fernando Blanco, Juan E. Ferreyra and Kyle Hotz, the violent section of Alleytown in Gotham City’s East End has taken a nosedive. Mass protests have begun to erupt in the streets, culminating in a series of fires that span the entire neighborhood. To combat violence by rebellious young residents, Gotham City’s newly appointed Mayor Christopher Nakano has authorized the use of a deadly but effective military force known as The Magistrate. Comprised of a formidable troop, The Magistrate is a faction infamous for their brutal and unpredictable methods of meting out justice against the criminal element scattered throughout Gotham.

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Selina Kyle / Catwoman carefully avoids the appearance of the Magistrate’s forces and returns to her isolated base located within the abandoned Grove Street Terminal building in the Alleytown district. The building houses several runaway children from Alleytown who assist in Kyle’s vigilante activities and even Edward Nygma, aka The Riddler, who acts as technical support. Waiting for Catwoman and her little band of freedom fighters is the shapeshifter Basil Karlo, who has earned a reputation as the original Clayface. In an effort to gain Selina’s trust, Karlo has done the unthinkable and assembled a group of key Batman “villains” who remain in Gotham City. Basil’s myriad of villains are no longer looking for a fight, but for a second chance to redeem themselves in the public eye. While Catwoman already has The Riddler under her saddle, Karlo has gone one step further in recruiting additional villains from Batman, Killer Croc, Firefly, Chesire, and even a former Fury Knockout Woman to her cause. Catwoman may be a solo act, but Karlo assures Selina that her stronghold in Alleytown will inevitably come to a head with the Magistrate, who can be best served with formidable allies at his side.

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Reformed Batman Villains

Karlo’s doom prophecy reaches its peak towards the climax of the problem when Catwoman and the members of her new group, Clayface and Killer Croc, clash. by the ruthless fanatic Padre Valle. When Croc leaves to avoid the approaching Magistrate forces, Clayface confronts Valley only to find himself quickly incapacitated. After winning a solo match with Selina, the villain wounds his opponent before letting Catwoman drown in the waters of Gotham Harbor.

Catwoman’s team may be made up of Batman villains, but they are far from a true team incapable of making mistakes. The battle with Father Valley has shown the main setback in the group’s inability to operate as an effective team. As the team continues to flourish in new issues of the DC remake Catwoman series, the only chance ancient Bat villains can have is to become even more well-defined as a unit, or risk losing everything they’ve worked so hard to rebuild.

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