Izuku Midoriya, or Deku, from My hero academia He is one of the most engaging and relatable Shonen protagonists in the medium to date. His reasoning for wanting to be the best is more nuanced than one might believe. Deku always wanted to be a professional hero, but he never had a quirk. Now that you have one, given to you by your all-time idol, All Might, you can achieve your goal of being the number one hero.

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Throughout the series so far, Deku has faced many obstacles along the way. One way he has stayed motivated is through his own words of inspiration, which are not only for him, but also for his classmates.

Updated by Daniel Kurland on July 28, 2021: Deku has undergone some of the most significant character developments in MHA, Y he also doesn’t bite his tongue, often letting his feelings of running be known to anyone within earshot. This allows Deku to be a constant source of inspirational phrases, whether they are spoken in the heat of the moment in battle, or more tender expressions that reflect the depth of the hero.

fifteen “I need to work harder and harder so I can make this Quirk my own.”

Nine blocks against Deku and Bakugo, My Hero Academia

It is common practice for emerging anime hits to receive a series of feature films that allow the series to tackle bigger and bolder material. My hero academia has a third film on the way, but the second feature film, Heroes Rising, pushes Deku to deep and contemplative places.

The sheer power of Deku’s One For All Quirk has made him the target of many villains who want to steal him, with Heroes Rising‘s Nine representing one of the most persistent examples. This dialogue depicts Deku claiming ownership and independence over his ability to prove that he truly deserves it more than anyone else.

14 “Giving unsolicited help is what makes a true hero!”

My hero academia It has featured many villains who are intimidating for different reasons, but Stain is such a significant presence because he can inspire villains to rise up in a way that has very dangerous implications.

Deku yells the above expression. to Tenya Iida during the heyday of the Hero Killer arc, Stan. This simple line shows that Deku is capable of putting differences aside to focus on what is important, but also on the inherent nature of the character to provide help even when people are not strong enough to ask for it.

13 “I’m not going to be your useless Deku punching bag forever … I’m the Deku who always does his best!”

Bakugo Deku Children

One of My hero academia most interesting relationships that continues to evolve is the friendly rivalry that exists between Deku and Bakugo. The two have found an understanding between each other, but Bakugo was much more of a bully during his youth.

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He is even responsible for Midoriya’s nickname, “Deku”, which begins as an insult to his friend. This quote is significant because it is the turning point where Deku takes possession of this trademark nickname, but also his general change in attitude. Subsequently, Midoriya becomes much more confident in who he is and how to turn his shortcomings into his assets.

12 “If my actions can save any of them … then I have to do something.”

There are many different characteristics that are emblematic of heroes. It is useful when incredibly strong people step in to help, but there is a level of security behind certain heroes who know they will win the battle.

Deku isn’t that established in his abilities, but he still shows confidence when talking to All Might about him. increasingly powerful villains they are probably on the way. Deku is new to his hero career, but he already understands that any action, no matter how small, is just as important as the final blow.

eleven “If you really hate your dad, then I think it’s okay not to be able to forgive him.”

Season five of My hero academia brings Deku and Shoto Todoroki considerably closer. Deku and Bakugo join Shoto at Endeavor’s Hero Agency, but this also leads Deku to join. Endeavor and Shoto’s personal lives. Deku witnesses how tortured Shoto is for not being able to overcome the damage Endeavor has done to him and his family.

In a very refreshing act of kindness, Deku tells Shoto that he owes his father nothing, especially forgiveness, and that he can move at his own pace when it comes to this complex issue.

10 “I want to be strong enough so that no one cares about me.”

Since Deku finally got a Gift, he has no excuse not to give it his all. He says this quote to All Might and Mirio when explaining why he wants to work at Sir Nighteye’s agency.

Deku feels that working with All Might’s former partner will be a way to increase his strength.

9 “If I keep up with everyone else, I’ll never be number one.”

Part of being the best means you have to work twice as hard as the next person. Deku believes that if he does enough to survive, he will never be the number one hero.

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If you try to keep up with all your classmates, you will never exceed your own expectations. Izuku knows that he has come a long way, but he still feels that he is missing. Sir Nighteye is a great hero and Izuku feels that he can learn a lot from him.

8 “You are the best. That is why I want to defeat you!”

Since they were children, Midoriya always looked up to Bakugo, who always received praise for his achievements. All those compliments went to Bakugo’s head. This is mainly the reason why he was enraged when Izuku finally got a quirk. Bakugo is fully aware that Izuku is on the same playing field as him.

As a result, he becomes jealous. During their fight, Deku laments that he still believes that Bakugo is the best, which is why he wants to beat him.

7 “A hero’s job is to risk his life, make his talk come true.”

People often spend their time talking about their idealism. But if they are not going to execute it, then it is only lip service. During his fight with Muscular, Deku utters this quote.

The new One For All user believes that if a hero is unwilling to risk his life for an innocent bystander, then any word the hero says is hollow.

6 “They told me not to lose when someone laid the foundations for me.”

After Bakugo defeats Deku in their duel, he tells him that he cannot lose again, as he possesses One For All.

Deku evidently takes this seriously, as he ponders this after Sir Nighteye asks him about his goals. All Might chose Deku for a reason, so he needs to live up to those expectations.

5 “There will always be people beyond our reach that we cannot protect. That is why we have to save the people we can reach.”

The world is a very big place, which means that someone who needs to be saved may be out of the reach of a Pro Hero. But that does not mean that a hero cannot help those closest to him.

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After Bakugo is kidnapped during the training ground arc, Midoriya is determined to rescue his childhood friend by any means. He still feels like he can do something, despite the odds.

4 “He just didn’t abandon him in vain, like you did. He was trying to live up to his ideals, I think.”

Although Stain is a villain, Deku still has some respect for him, which is what he explains to Shigaraki. He sees that Stain has ideals, and more importantly, he stands up for them.

Izuku respects anyone with conviction. Until that moment, he only saw justifiable motives in heroes or normal people. Stain helps Izuku realize that villains are people too and can have ideals.

3 “I know I’m hurt, but if I can still move, I can’t stay still. I have to do something.”

When Bakugo is kidnapped, many of the Class 1-A students want to help save him, especially Deku. But there are some problems with this lens. For starters, since they are heroes in training, they cannot interfere with the affairs of Pro Hero as it is illegal.

Second, Deku is still seriously injured from his fight with Muscular. But regardless of his current situation, he still feels compelled to help his classmate.

2 “… He’s not at the top of the UA because he was born strong. He worked incredibly hard to get to that point.”

After Class 1-A is brutally defeated by Mirio Togata, Deku realizes that he has a long way to go.

Furthermore, after Mirio tells Class 1-A that his Permeation Quirk isn’t that powerful and that it made him versatile, Izuku also realizes that just because he encompasses a powerful quirk doesn’t mean he’ll be the best. There will be other professional heroes like Mirio fighting for that top spot, working just as hard as him.

1 “If I can’t save the little girl in front of me, how can I become a hero who saves everyone?”

Since Deku got One For All, he has accomplished many accomplishments throughout his journey, but he still feels like he’s lacking. At the beginning of the Shie Hassaikai arc, Izuku feels like he’s disappointing Eri after arbitrarily running into her. He knows that she is in danger and does nothing.

Overhaul, the main antagonist, is there too. That was another failure Deku didn’t want to live with. That is why this quote hits so hard among most fans. Deku says this while in infinite form. But he’s able to make up for lost time by giving Overhaul the beating of his life.

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