Pokémon GO is preparing its next Community Day starring Eevee. This guide will show players how to prepare for this Eevee Community Day.

Eevee will have its own Community Day in August within Pokemon go. This guide will show players how they can prepare for this upcoming event. Community Day is an event that occurs every month in which a single Pokémon is placed in the limelight. Over 3-6 hours, players can catch this Pokémon many times to grind for candy or even find its shiny form for the first time. While Eevee has already received a Community Day in the past, this could be the first time that many have gotten their hands on enough Eevee to have every Shiny of all their evolutions. This guide will show players how they can prepare for Eevee Community Day.

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Eevee Community Day will be held for 2 days instead of just 1 as normal. Kicking off on Friday, August 13, players will have a chance to encounter a Shiny Eevee. The reason this event will run over 2 days is that players will need the chance to catch at least 8 different Shiny Eevee compared to 2-3 from other Community Days. There are a few things players need to do to prepare for this event and this guide will show you how you can do it.

How to Prepare for Eevee Community Day in Pokémon Go

Three Eevee gathered around various evolutionary stones.

Here are all the different ways players can prepare for Eevee Community Day.

  • Clean up your Pokémon storage: Since this event takes place over 2 days, players will want to make sure they maximize their time by clearing out their inventory beforehand.
  • Special attacks: Each Eevee evolution will have its own special move during this event. Make sure to evolve them before the event ends to collect them.
  • Catch them all: Players will need to capture 9 Eevee (1 for each evolution and 1 for the Eevee himself). It’s plenty of time to get them all, but make a list of the player’s missing beforehand.
  • Sylveon: This Pokémon will have its evolution method altered during this event. Players will now only need 7 hearts with their friend instead of 70.
  • Premium Special Research: Players can purchase a ticket for $ 1 USD to unlock additional content. The special research task “What You Choose To Be” will remain on the player’s list until it is completed.

This is a great opportunity to catch tons of high-value Pokémon. Eevee has tons of viable evolutions that make it perfect for hunting down tons of candy. It will be interesting to see which Pokémon takes over in September.

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Pokemon go is now available on iOS and Android.

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