Data storage company Seagate confirms that the FireCuda 530, the company’s first PS5-ready SSD, will cost $ 169.99 for 500GB and $ 274.99 for 1TB.

FireCuda 530, Seagate’s First Playstation 5– SSD ready, confirmed to cost $ 169.99 for 500GB and $ 274.99 for 1TB; the latter is even more expansive than Xbox Series X | S‘expansion card. Although Sony revealed cursory details about expandable SSD storage months before the console’s November 2020 launch, such storage options were not available on the PS5 at launch.

Sony warned users not to insert separate SSDs into the device’s dedicated slot, simply noting at the time that expandable storage of that nature would be “reserved for a future update. “The wait apparently came down to specific hardware manufacturer requirements, which call for SSD read speeds of 5500MB / s. It’s a far cry from Microsoft’s SSD storage solution on the Xbox Series X | S, as the consoles are only compatible with Seagate’s Storage Expansion Card – a card capable of offering 1 TB of additional storage at the price of $ 220. Fortunately, it seems that PS5 owners won’t have to wait much longer to similarly spend a large amount of money on internal SSDs.

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As reported VGC, Seagate has revealed pricing details regarding its first PS5-ready SSD. The FireCuda 530 NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD will meet Sony’s requirements with read speeds of 7300MB / s; However, such compatibility will, of course, come at a cost. The FireCuda 530 heatsink storage options will cost PS5 users $ 169.99 for 500GB, $ 274.99 for 1TB, $ 569.99 for 2TB, and $ 1,049.99 for 4TB. This should serve as a safe bet for those looking for expandable storage, although there is only so much space on the PS5 for the SSD to mount. Jeff Park, national manager of the data warehousing company for Australia and New Zealand, explained in an interview with Discoverer:

“With the design of the PS5, the SSD card slot is very narrow, so there is not much space to mount the SSD. However, with the FireCuda 530, even with the heatsink on top, the design slim allows it to fit in. Of course, the FireCuda 530 without the heatsink is thinner, so they both fit on the PS5. “

It is not yet known when exactly PS5 owners can start taking advantage of Seagate’s storage expansion; However, PlayStation beta users can now start testing M.2 SSD storage upgrades after the latest system software update. Unsurprisingly, the process itself requires beta testers to strictly adhere to a set of detailed instructions.

Unsurprisingly, the entry cost for expandable SSD storage isn’t exactly cheap. Priced at $ 274.99, the 1TB expansion card for PS5 is even more expensive than the one currently available for Xbox Series X | S, which launched at $ 220.

Some Playstation 5 Owners may want to wait for prices and sales to drop, or just stick with the system’s external storage options. However, more frugal gamers are likely to continue to swap games when storage space gets too tight.

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Source: Discoverer via VGC

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