One of the best parts of the Eugene and Dan Levy show. Schitt’s cove it is the inclusion of hilarious and memorable musical moments. But nevertheless Schitt’s cove has many other merits, some of his musical interpretations Really stand out. While most sitcoms have a musical number at one point or another, this show capitalizes on its performance on both the wow factor and depth. For a wealthy family that has lost almost everything, their culture and affinity for the arts are some of the few things they have left. Not only that, but they even help other characters on the show find their artistic brilliance.

Although there are more moments than these, here is a list of five musical performances that really stand out. While some of these are heartfelt and beautiful, others play for laughter and comedic effect. But at the end of the day, they all have the same thing in common: they are unforgettable.

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“A little Alexis”

Alexis singing A Little Bit Alexis at Schitt's Creek.

Easily one of the most iconic moments of Schitt’s cove, Alexis’s outrageous rendition of “A Little Bit Alexis” is shown in Season 5, Episode 8, “The Hospies”. Moira had tried everything in her power to prevent her daughter Alexis from auditioning for the next Cabaret musical, but Alexis is stubborn like her mother. When she shows up for her audition, Moira and Jocelyn put on a brave face and smile during their performance.

Alexis’s rendition of her own song is memorable, to say the least. He performs with practiced choreography, but his voice is not the best. Moira and Jocelyn stop the song after the first chorus, although Alexis mentions more verses. The judges put on a fake smile and assure you that they will think about your audition. Alexis’s catchy pop tune can satisfy Some audience, it was definitely more of a comedic scene for anyone watching.

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“Danny Boy”

Scene from Danny Boy at Schitt's Creek.

Moira Rose’s rendition of “Danny Boy” is a relatively early moment in Season 1, Episode 9.. After Bob’s brother Carl passes away, Johnny is asked to perform the eulogy at the funeral, even though he did not know the man. Unfortunately, during Johnny’s pitiful eulogy, he begins to insult the city, so Moira steps in to save him in the best way she knows how: with a performance.

He stands up and quickly begins to sing the old English ballad. In the second verse, the rest of the parishioners join in, so Moira relaxes on the bench, her work done. Johnny is incredibly grateful for the rescue, and the song really helps make the funeral proceedings seem a little more elegant and heartfelt. While the performance has the classic Moira overdramatization, it saves both Johnny and the funeral.

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Jazzagals de Moira audition

Moira auditioning for the Jazzagals.

One of Moira Rose’s most memorable performances in Schitt’s cove – and she has quite a few, it is definitely her audition for Jazzagals from Season 2, Episode 3. She walks in thinking that since she has the most professional experience, she will easily get her audition. But after seeing some of the other artists, she quickly identifies as a weak singer. Still encouraged to perform, she takes out a small maraca from her bag and begins to sing what sounds like a show tune. Unfortunately, he forgets most of the lyrics, so he sings gibberish and scats for most of the song. The best part is that she does it all with that typical Moira Rose aura of confidence, despite her lack of natural singing talent.

“The best”

Patrick singing

Patrick’s sweet David serenade in season 4, episode 6, is one of the Schitt’s coveMore emotional scenes, especially in the development of their relationship. David and Patrick decide to host an open mic night at Rose Apothecary, despite David’s obvious displeasure. But when Patrick takes the stage and dedicates his song to David, David cheers up, even though he’s embarrassed. Patrick’s rendition of Tina Turner’s “The Best” is extremely beautiful and slow, and he stares at David throughout the process.

This is Patrick’s time to show how much he loves David, and he makes the most of it. Even Moira, who is standing next to David, is in awe of his deeply heartfelt performance. As such, it is one of the most memorable moments of Schitt’s cove.

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“Maybe this time”

Stevie singing Cabaret at Schitt's Creek.

Stevie has his big moment in Season 5, Episode 14, during his performance of Cabaret. She felt extremely doubtful about her leading role and her ability to sing. But when she takes the stage, she surprises the crowd, including Moira, who was especially skeptical of her. When Stevie starts singing “Maybe This Time,” it’s clear that she’s still feeling anxious. Soon, the lyrics hit Stevie and she began to sing it passionately.

For a girl who has felt like a nobody all her life, the lyrics seem true to her, and she sings them with she truth behind them. This results in incredible performance, both in appearance and quality. Understandably, he gets a standing ovation and makes Moira cry. “Maybe This Time” is important to Stevie’s character, as it marks an essential threshold that she must cross in order to become a better version of herself.

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