South Park He’s always managed to push the boundaries even in his previous seasons, and when they want to highlight something really ridiculous, they usually put Randy in the middle of it all. As such, Randy finds himself in a lot of difficult and incredible situations most of the time.

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Randy has gotten into various kinds of trouble over the years due to his nature of gravitation towards the latest trend and putting his whole heart into it. It’s Randy’s naivety and undeserved self-confidence that makes most of these plots so great.

10 Sarcastaball sweeps the nation

The South Park boys playing Sarcastaball

Randy comes up with the concepts and rules of Sarcastaball on the fly when he sarcastically tells the school that this is what kids should play because it is safer than soccer. While Randy is joking around, the whole town takes him seriously and ends up as the South Park Cows Sarcastaball head coach.

Eventually, the NFL adapts the new game in place of soccer, and Randy is promoted to head coach of the Denver Broncos. At this point, Randy is really excited because he wins his first game as a professional coach. However, in the end, the NFL does play football again, but mainly because of Butters’ gross intervention in Sarcastaball.

9 Legalized Medical Marijuana for Randy’s Testicular Cancer

Randy trying to give himself cancer

While cancer is no laughing matter, the reason and the way that Randy gets cancer is pretty funny. A new marijuana dispensary opens in South Park and Randy tries to buy some, only to be told he needs a medical card. Randy hatches a plan to get a mild amount of cancer so he can get a prescription for marijuana.

Eventually he gets testicular cancer because he turns on the microwave with the door open, looking directly at his crotch area. Eventually, he even convinces the other boys in town to give him testicular cancer so they can smoke marijuana.

8 Randy was in a boy band

Randy in his teens in a boy band

Randy forbids Stan from being in a boy band with his friends because he was in a boy band himself. Randy had everything he could have wanted and took it all from her in an instant. He had women, money, cars, and a luxurious mansion; then the next boy band was all the rage and he was no better than yesterday’s trash.

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After losing his wealth, he was forced to return home to South Park, where he was a laughingstock for some time. He didn’t want Stan to go through the same thing. However, at the end of the episode, Randy changes his mind and even joins Stan’s boy band after an elevator accidentally kills Kenny.

7 Randy Franchises a Blockbuster

Randy Marsh frozen in the snow

One of South ParkHalloween specials included kids dressing up as the incredibly current Avengers and Randy investing in an outdated Blockbuster video store. He ends up forcing his family to work with him at the store on Halloween and he becomes increasingly creepy, mirroring scenes from the classic horror movie. The glow.

There are even sequences where Randy walks the aisles in the same way as Jack Nicholson’s character, and even has some of the same facial expressions, indicating Randy’s slow descent into madness for making such a poor investment. The episode ends with Randy burning the video store to the ground for insurance, and then getting McDonald’s.

6 The classic Margaritaville episode

Randy and his Margaritaville machine

When the economy crashes, the people of South Park end up reverting to an old way of dressing and living, mostly due to the suggestion of a council that, by chance, it is headed by Randy. Randy takes South Park back to the days of Jesus, and Kyle plays the role of the city’s savior, with Cartman obviously acting as its Judas.

Finally, Kyle pays the debt of the whole town and things return to normal. However, Randy still buys superfluous goods, having learned nothing from the experience.

5 Randy fights with minor league dads

Batdad tries to get away

When the South Park Little League baseball team goes to the championship game, the kids want nothing more than to lose, because winning means they are forced to play baseball all summer. Randy sees every game as an opportunity to badmouth the other team and fight other dads; it always escalates the moment Randy takes his shirt off.

He was always confident until he met Batdad at the championship game. Eventually, Randy overcomes his fears and goes round and round with Batdad until he knocks him out. Randy wins the imaginary wrestling championship resulting in the loss of the South Park team, thus saving the boys’ summer.

4 Randy is Lorde, Ya Ya Ya

Randy from South Park as Lorde

It is unknown why the creative team took this direction, but when Randy is revealed to be the singer Lorde, fans are dying of laughter. At first, he keeps it a secret, quite skillfully, but eventually he lets his wife and son find out. When Stan finds out, he literally passes out from shock.

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The funniest part is that Randy still keeps his mustache even when he’s in his Lorde outfit. Randy also makes some pretty bad music that ends up being altered and turned into hits through the music software on his computer. Maybe this is making fun of Lorde or even all musicians who don’t use real instruments.

3 World record for biggest number 2

Randy about to produce the biggest number.  2 always

When Randy passes a PF Changs meal, he thinks he has put the biggest number 2 in the history of numbers 2. He ends up winning the world record for a brief period only to be surpassed by Bono. However, things start to unravel and it is revealed that Bono is actually a No. 2 who was breastfed by one of the record keeping officers.

Bono’s life mission was to be number one in everything because, in reality, he was only number two. Finally, after the truth comes out, Randy regains the world record by producing the largest number 2 ever created, estimated at over 100 courics.

2 Cream

Randy cooking in the Creme Fraiche episode of Stan's school.

When Randy likes cooking shows, of course, he goes too far. It’s great that you want to cook and try new things and give your family a little culture, but you always leave a mess in the kitchen afterward. Also, when you watch cooking shows, you tend to get aroused, which, needless to say, becomes a problem.

There comes a point where Sharon has to block the food channels by the parents. However, this causes Randy to call a naughty kitchen phone service where saying “Crème Fraîche” buys the caller more time. He also ends up as a chef at Stan’s school for a short stint and even takes part in a culinary showdown with some celebrity chefs.

1 Broadway Bro Down

Elton John and Stephen Sondheim at Hooters in South Park

When a co-worker tells Randy that he received a special gift from his wife after taking her to a Broadway show in Denver, he immediately does the same and receives the same treatment. However, he learns from a stranger at the bar that songs are what motivate wives and girlfriends to do those things for their loved ones.

This prompts Randy to become a Broadway show writer and begins developing his own show so that the men of South Park can get lucky all the time. Finally, Randy has to be honest with his wife when he finds out that their daughter has gone to a Broadway show with her boyfriend. Fortunately, Randy stops him from doing anything, but unfortunately floods the theater while wearing a Spider-Man costume, killing the poor kid in the process.

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