In Star Wars, Padmé is known by the name of Amidala. But while that is his best known last name, it is not the only one.

Padmé Amidala was one of the most beloved queens and senators during Star WarsHe was from the Republic because of his diplomatic decision-making and his willingness to fight for the people he loved. His political career began at a young age and almost every aspect of his elections is politically minded. That includes taking the surname Amidala following Naboo customs, which means that it actually has two surnames.

Born to Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie, Padmé Naberrie quickly took up the idea of ​​politics and helping others and joined the Apprenticeship Legislature at age 8. While there, she learned a lot about galactic politics, even becoming a junior senatorial adviser. Back home, Padmé continued her political education and enrolled at the Royal Academy of Theed, where she spent every moment learning about the inner workings of Naboo politics. Finally, after serving two years as a supervisor, Padmé Naberrie began her campaign to be queen.

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Naboo’s political structure is unique even by real world standards. It serves as a monarchy and a democracy, with votes to elect the next queen. While kings can also run, Naboo people often elect young women because they believe that adults lose their purity and wisdom. It may seem unorthodox to elect younger people in positions of power, but its structured educational system, like the one Padmé enrolled, ensures that its rulers are politically minded even at a young age.

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One of the main customs when campaigning for the role of Naboo monarch is running under a new identity. This is to maintain anonymity among the people, although it may also have helped the monarchs maintain a sense of separation between their public and private lives. As “candidate Amidala”, Padmé lobbied to abolish her isolationist tendencies and make allies with her neighbors. However, after his victory, his intelligence and composure were put to the test thanks to the Trade Federation. Queen Amidala’s first major conflict was with the threat of invasion from the Trade Federation, which had established a blockade that prevented anyone from leaving. But with the help of Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, he reached the Senate, explained his position, and returned to drive out the Separatists.

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After two terms, Queen Amidala left as one of Naboo’s most beloved rulers. She was so adored that people even wanted to make a law that would allow her to serve one more term. But Amidala, instead, chose to set her sights higher, joining the Galactic Senate on Coruscant. While there, she kept her last name, possibly because it was the name she made public and was most recognized for her successes as a leader. As a senator, she endured multiple assassination attempts and was not afraid to get her hands dirty to discover the truth of any sinister dealings.

Although Padmé will always be a Naberrie at heart, the feats she has accomplished as Padmé Amidala demonstrate why she kept her name for so long. By assuming the identity of “Amidala”, he did more than use it to hide his real name; he made a difference with that and made sure if someone did pronounce it, it would be out of positivity. Padmé understood people in a way that no other senator could, which is why she is one of Star Wars‘most trusted rulers.

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