Star Wars revealed that the rebels had another victory over the Empire that they felt was more impressive than the destruction of the Death Star.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel’s Star Wars # 15, on sale now.

The rebellion dealt some extreme blows to the Empire during Star Wars’ Original trilogy. While the battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi was the turning point in the Galactic Civil War, the destruction of the Death Star in A new hope inspired the rebellion to move on. The destruction of the Death Star also made Luke Skywalker and Han Solo heroes. Star Wars He has now revealed that Luke was present for another Rebellion victory and this helped solidify the Rebellion’s efforts.

Starlight Squad has yet to find a way to rescue their Lieutenant Shara Bey, so Luke has volunteered to help them on their missions in Star Wars # 15 by Charles Soule, Ramon Rosanas, Rachelle Rosenberg and Clayton Cowles. They had been trying to locate the rest of the Rebel fleet when they emerged from hyperspace on the outskirts of the planet Ab Dalis. They immediately received a fuzzy communication from a Rebel base on the planet’s surface, informing Starlight Squad that they were under attack by an Imperial Star Destroyer.

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Luke in a Star Wars dogfight

Many of the rebels felt that Starlight consisted of too few ships and that they were doomed, but others were inspired by Luke’s presence. Although Luke was considered one of Yavin’s heroes, the rebels knew that he had destroyed the Death Star by exposing a unique vulnerability. Star Destroyers were a much truer and more proven technology. They had no known vulnerabilities, especially one that could be exploited by X-wings. Facing impending destruction, the ground team sent coordinates for Starlight Squad to target their blasters. They were suddenly silent on the radio. Starlight was confused as the coordinates appeared to be a mountain on the planet’s surface. Regardless, Luke flew towards him and discovered a vent. He got distracted when he was lining up his shot. He saw a vision that showed a failed attempt to destroy the Death Star. This caused him to lose focus and miss the shot.

Fortunately, another member of the Starlight Squad fulfilled his attempt, hitting the target that turned out to be a dormant volcano. This caused an explosion that engulfed and destroyed the Star Destroyer. Their victory was incredible considering the odds, yet their spirits increased tenfold when they realized who they saved. Mon Mothma, the leader of the Rebel Alliance was inside the Ab Dalis base.

This victory came at a particularly hard time for the Rebellion. They are well away from the events of A new hope and many rebels were beginning to lose hope. The Empire had cracked their communication codes that had separated the fleet. Han Solo had recently been frozen in carbonite and his rescue attempts had been unsuccessful. Things looked worse than ever for the Rebellion, but their victory over the Empire at Ab Dalis surely rekindled their spark.

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Starlight Squad destroys Star Destroyer

The fact that Mon Mothma was inside the base also adds to the importance of the Starlight Squadron’s actions. While Luke, Leia, and Han were Rebellion generals and performed many of the heroic actions, Mothma oversaw all Alliance operations. His death could have ended the rebellion, especially during a time when they were divided. It would have been impossible for someone to assume their role when the majority of the Rebel fleet simply do not possess the current communication codes.

The Death Star was destroyed during an attack by the Rebellion. The rebels would have backed down if they failed, but all hope would not have been lost. On the other hand, Starlight Squadron was on the defensive when they helped Ab Dalis. Although they may not have realized it at the time, the Rebellion may not have been able to recover if it failed. His actions saved the leader of the Rebellion and at the same time inspired hope for those in need.

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