Bachelorette alumnus Tyler Cameron and model Camila Kendra began their relationship in January 2021. Here’s a timeline of their seven-month romance.

Tyler Cameron from High school and his girlfriend Camila Kendra became official in May when paparazzi snapped photos of the couple strolling the streets of New York City, and we’re here to share the timeline of their romance. Before Tyler and Camila became an official couple, Tyler had the list of women he had courted. His first public relationship was with Hannah Brown, whom he fell in love with while on the ABC dating series in 2019.

After she left him during the final rose ceremony, Tyler was left heartbroken. That didn’t last long though, as the model was getting a lot of Bachelor Nation attention, including some famous women. Shortly after the season ended, Tyler was spotted on various dates with supermodel Gigi Hadid. The couple did not date for a long time as Gigi got back together with Zayn Malik at Christmas. Tyler no longer wanted to play the field and finally found someone special.

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First seen together in January 2021

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The couple were first rumored to be dating in early January when they were seen unpacking their car in New York City after a road trip. Camila was rumored to have vacationed in Florida with Tyler’s family, and the couple decided to take a road trip home. Even though there had been reports about a month ago about their relationship, this was the first time they had seen them together.

They left together for mother’s day

On Mother’s Day weekend, Tyler and his influencer girlfriend Camila enjoyed a trip to Martha Stewart’s farm in Bedford, New York. “[Martha] invited Tyler and the crew to visit his farm on Sunday, which is also in Bedford, “revealed an informant to Us weekly in May 2021 “.It was a great time and everyone enjoyed each other’s company.“That same month, Tyler and Camila were seen once more in New York. They held hands and confirmed the status of their relationship.

They didn’t kiss on the first date

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In a recent interview on “The Morning Toast” podcast, Tyler admitted that the first time he tried to kiss Camila, she rejected him. “I tried to kiss [Camila] On the second date, and she rejected me. … I was like, ‘I like this girl, I want to move on.’ … On the fifth date, I finally kissed her. “ said of her early dating stages, according to US Weekly. After they finally kissed, the couple “couldn’t get enough of each other. “

She said ‘I love you’ first

Tyler Cameron The Bachelorette Barkitecture

During an appearance in Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a viewer asked Tyler who said “I love you” first. He looked at her in the audience and revealed with a chuckle that she was the one who said those three words first. Tyler wanted to say “I love you“Camila before in their relationship, but him”i was still scared. “

Now that it’s been seven months since Tyler and Camila became officers, it looks like this couple may be the real deal. Even though Tyler did not find love while competing in High school, the program led him to Camila.

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Sources: Us weekly

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