Neon Giant’s latest game, The Ascent, has a few flaws, but it does it well enough to make it a fun and engaging game that adds some new ideas to the genre.

The ascent is an early Xbox Game Pass title and despite some pretty mixed previews from those who got a chance to try the game early, it has remained firmly on players’ radar ahead of its recent release. Developed by Neon Giant and published by Curve Giant, The ascent is a cyberpunk-themed action RPG featuring dark narrative rhythms and a dystopian storyline. While it has some notable flaws, The ascent He successfully manages to create a living world that is a great stage for his fluid action.

At the most basic level, The ascent it’s a simple throwback to the 90s, when double-lever pulls were much more prominent. This title also uses a top-down perspective and is fairly easy to learn and play, with the left stick used to move, the right stick to aim, and the right trigger to fire the weapon. The ascent It also adds some modern mechanics, in the form of a dodge ability and the ability to duck behind cover. These work reasonably well and add an extra flair to the basic gameplay, ensuring that players can’t just run and shoot through the levels.

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The ascent The combat is quite satisfying and features a wide variety of weapons and items, such as grenades and turrets. These can be equipped, which means that players can experiment with different strategies and decide which combination works best. The ascent it also offers four magnification slots available for use. Some of these are passive and will increase stats like health, but there are also assets that have a significant effect on the game. The first example is the Hydraulic Slam, a kind of shock wave punch that will instantly kill enemies caught in its blast.

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Like an action RPG, The ascent it also has a number of role-playing elements. There is a lot of loot to discover, from new augmentations to armor. However, the interesting thing is that the loot is the same level and can be updated over time. This eliminates the need to constantly strive to try and find better gear, but could put off fans of more seasoned looters who enjoy discovering rare and powerful weapons. There are also skill points in The ascent It can level up four attributes and allow players to specialize in specific skills.

The final main aspect of the game in The ascent comes in exploration. The world of Veles is large and full of characters and places to find, which is essential to progress and improve. This is where the game struggles a bit as it is too easy to take on groups of enemies that are too strong to fight. The only way to advance in these cases is to fight battles with weaker enemies to get enough XP to level up. That can be frustrating for those who don’t want to explore each and every aspect of Veles, as going through the main mission alone will pose a number of major hurdles.

For the most part, writing in The ascent it is another strength. There is a large cast of characters and many side missions to complete, and most of them are both fun and interesting. Each individual that players meet helps expand the world. The main story, which sees players trying to stop nefarious groups from taking over Veles after the sudden collapse of The Ascent Group, doesn’t stand out as much as its secondary content, but is still compelling enough to keep the majority. of users committed to the purpose.

A screenshot from The Ascent showing the character's creator.

Although The ascent It is far from perfect, it does more good than harm, and it is more successful in creating a world full of interesting characters and fun to explore. Sections that require a bit of polishing can be frustrating, but there’s enough variety in combat to keep the game from going stale thanks to the wide range of weapons and cover mechanics. Adds the ability to play cooperative multiplayer with some friends and The ascent It can certainly provide hours of unbridled fun, especially with an Xbox Game Pass release on day one.

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The ascent will launch today, July 29, 2021 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Screen Rant received a digital code from Xbox for the purposes of this review.

Our rating:

3.5 of 5 (Very good)

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