Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was banned from Twitch in a shocking DMCA violation caught live while broadcasting the Olympics.

Popular Twitch streamer Felix “xQcLengyel was banned from Twitch while broadcasting the Olympics. xQc was hit with what appears to be a DMCA violation during its most recent broadcast in a surprising ban that saw one of Twitch’s most beloved streamers off the platform. This is also not the first time xQc has been banned. Felix Lengyel, known for his engaging broadcasts while playing games like GTA V: online Y Supervision – has been banned from Twitch four times in his career. It has also seen bans on multiple platforms, including Twitter and the GTA Online NoPixel RP server.

xQc is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, with six million followers and an average audience of ten thousand. Despite its fame, xQc has had many run-ins with Twitch law. The streamer received its first ban in March 2020 when it was banned from the platform for three days. A few months later, xQc received a one-day ban, although its biggest offense wasn’t until November 2020. After the sniper broadcast on GlitchCon, xQc was banned from Twitch for seven days and banned from Twitch events. Rival for six months. . While fans missed the broadcast, few could argue that the punishment was undeserved. Now, xQc is in trouble again.

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As reported by Right handed, xQc was temporarily banned from the streaming platform after he was hit with an apparent DMCA violation. Lengyel tweeted about the mishap, explaining in capital letters that “Got my channel live-DMCA. “The popular streamer was caught broadcasting an Olympic Games judo match, which apparently led to the ban.”I took the necessary precautions and thought it would be alright”, XQc explained on Twitter. “He really wasn’t expecting it, but he could have easily avoided it.. The broadcaster later apologized to his fans and explained that he will take better precautions to prevent this from happening in the future. The streamer subsequently lifted the ban after only 4 hours and 55 minutes.

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While xQc fans are upset that it was temporarily suspended from Twitch, it is no surprise that the streamer was banned for its actions. Viewers are only supposed to be able to watch the Olympics on licensed media, such as on live television through NBC.

Spectators can also watch the Olympics at Twitch, but streamers are not supposed to broadcast it themselves. With live tracking technology finding Olympic content that it is streaming illegally, it’s no wonder xQc was caught. While xQc wasn’t banned from the platform for a long time, fans are hoping they won’t have to face another unexpected absence. Its engaging content is always missed, so hopefully xQc learned its lesson for next time.

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Source: Right handed, xQc / Twitter, StreamerBans / Twitter

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