Interest in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has waned in recent months, but the New Pokémon Snap update shows how Nintendo can win back players.

New Pokémon Snap recently announced a surprise free update that adds new Pokémon to take photos and new maps to explore. Since the game already features so much content, an update was not expected, especially so soon after its release in April. This announcement only makes it clearer that Animal Crossing: New Horizons needs an equally big update, and soon.

Weather New Horizons It has received many updates, which have been quite sterile after the first year of the game. The most recent major addition was the Mario update, but since then, little has been added outside of the regular holidays. As a result, fan interest in the game has waned. The developers have promised more content to come, but without more details, that information has brought fans little relief.

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As a casual, social multiplayer game released at a time when many felt isolated from their loved ones, New Horizons Build a creative community that likes to share content and ideas. But while the game got some new features early on, since then the holiday updates have become standard, essentially re-adding the same events with a couple of minor changes or new items. They don’t need to be significantly different from each other, but they should be complemented by more substantial content updates that surprise and excite players.

Such as New Pokémon SnapThe update surprised fans, New HorizonsThe next update should be meaningful and surprising. This will bring back the hype that has been missing for a while, forcing players to get back in the game. The best updates so far have focused on new features and events like swimming and fireworks, and future ones could add things like new villagers and islands to explore. Not only would this give the player more options to customize their islands, it could add more things to do in the form of minigames.

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New items or functions on the Nook Phone could also keep players entertained by giving them new reasons to explore and find new creatures or buy new clothes. When a previous update expanded the number of design spaces, players were happy to have more space for their creations. Similar additions could deserve an even bigger response and rekindle that creative spark within players. Not all updates need to be groundbreaking, but showing gamers that the developers are listening will go a long way.

New Pokémon SnapThe update is a reminder of how a game can be revitalized by adding new content. Unfortunately, Animal Crossing: New HorizonIt hasn’t received the same amount of love recently, which is a shame given how huge the game was at launch, turning into something of a cultural event during a dark time. However, by adding more than just Christmas updates and giving fans the kind of features they’ve been asking for, it’s not too late to New Horizons to change things by convincing people to return to their islands.

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