This isn’t the only reason the Black Bulls have risen to the top of the Magic Knight Squads. On several occasions, the Black Bulls stood between the Kingdom of Clover and doom. If it weren’t for Asta, Noelle, Yami, Finral, and the rest of the Black Bulls, the Clover Kingdom would have been left in the capable hands of Yuno and Golden Dawn.

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Yami Sukihero sits at the center of the Black Bulls, chosen by Julius Novachrono after his exceptional service as a member of Gray Deer. Yami has saved Clover Kingdom on his own multiple times, but he occasionally receives help from the diverse squad of Magic Knights below him.

10 Yami recruited Asta and Noelle the same year

Asta’s recruiting class may not seem like much at the time, but looking back, the fact that Yami recruited Asta and Noelle in the same year is incredible. Since joining the Black Bulls, Noelle and Asta have worked together to earn Yami more gold stars than any other pair in his squad.

In addition to earning an impressive amount of stars, Asta and Noelle have saved the Clover Kingdom once or twice on their own. His success shows that social class has nothing to do with a Magic Knight’s ability to get results. He also supports Yami as a wise leader, recruiter, and social activist, especially when considering the dangers of classism within the Kingdom of Clover.

9 The black bulls collected the magic stones as Julius planned an assault on the eye of the midnight sun.

Black clover magic stones

Dedicated fans of Black clover They have seen what happens when the Clover Kingdom is attacked with no time to prepare its defenses. During the Dark Triad’s assault on the kingdom, both Yami and William Vangeance were captured by Spade Kingdom.

Thanks to the efforts of the Black Bulls following the assault on the capital, the Clover Kingdom prepared for the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Although no one could have predicted the reincarnation of the elves, the Black Bulls managed to give Julius Novachrono enough time to plan Licht’s first move.

8 Yami avoided the assault of the elves after the defeat of Julius

Julius-young and old

If Julius had not faced Licht before the reincarnation of the elves, the entire Clover Kingdom would have been destroyed. His sacrifice saved thousands of lives, and it is thanks to Yami’s efforts after Julius’s sacrifice that the Kingdom was able to withstand the onslaught of elven magic that followed.

The battle between Yami, Elf Marx, and Elf Owen may not seem like a pivotal moment in Black clover history, but marks the time when Yami became the cornerstone of the Clover Kingdom’s defenses. If Yami had fallen during this battle, the kingdom would have followed soon after.

7 Finral pressured Langris to reveal his forbidden magical abilities during the Royal Knight Selection tournament.

royal knight's selection tournament asta, luck, langris, magna

Prior to the attack on Clover Kingdom from the Eye of the Midnight Sun, the Golden Dawn vice captain served under William Vangeance as a spy for the terrorist organization. During the Royal Knight Selection Exam, Langris threatened the Clover Kingdom with treachery before being defeated by the Black Bulls.

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During a battle with Finral during the selection tournament, Langris called upon the power of forbidden magic to defeat his brother. This revelation convicted Langris of treason and prompted the Black Bulls threat.

6 Black bulls rushed to the capitol during the elven reincarnation arc

During the Elven Reincarnation Arc, a collection of Magic Knights was possessed by the forbidden magic that Licht had used to bring the elves back. With the mana bestowed from sharing an elven soul, these Magic Knights were free to terrorize the Clover Kingdom until the Black Bulls made their way to the front lines. With Henry’s battlehouse leading the charge, the Black Bulls defeated the elven troops and dealt with the source of the forbidden magic in one fell swoop.

5 Secre & Finral brought the first wizard king from his stony tomb

lumiere Silvamillion

Although Zagred’s downfall ultimately came down to the combined strength of Yuno, Asta, and Yami, Lumiere Silvamillion Clover and Licht proved instrumental in protecting Clover Kingdom during the Elven Reincarnation Arc.

Of course, the intervention of the first Wizard King would never have occurred if Secre and Finral had not awakened Lumiere from where he had turned to stone. Technically, Secre was not a member of the Black Bulls when he opened up Lumiere, but this moment demonstrated just how important Finral’s space magic can be during catastrophic events like Reincarnation.

4 Vanessa kept Asta out of the greedy hands of the witch queen

Queen of witches

During a mission relayed to the Black Bulls directly from the Wizard King, a small group of Magic Knights made their way to the Witches’ Forest to find a magic stone and a cure for Asta’s broken arms. During their mission, the Black Bulls worked together to prevent an invasion of the Diamond Kingdom, heal Asta’s arms, defeat the Queen of the Witches in combat, and return a magic stone to the Wizard King.

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The stone is a critical part of Clover Kingdom’s defense against the Eye of the Midnight Sun, but it may not be as important as Asta himself. If the Black Bull had not been able to save Asta from the power of the Witch Queen, the Clover Kingdom would have been doomed to fall to the witches long before the Sword Kingdom attacked.

3 Zora joined the Magic Knights to set an example of chivalric behavior.

One of the Clover Kingdom’s greatest weaknesses is its own class culture that suffocates ordinary people by flaunting the strength of magical power over them. Too often, Magic Knights are an example of greed and pride rather than justice.

The day Zora entered the Magic Knights and began serving the Clover Kingdom, the meaning behind the title of Magic Knight changed slightly towards the realm of justice. Between Asta, Magna, and Zora, the Black Bulls have become a beacon for commoners hoping to break through the elite culture that surrounds them.

2 Noelle and Nozel kept the Silva family alive

Black Clover: Noelle flying in her love

The Black Bulls are not just the saviors of the lower class. Noelle Silva proved during the Elven Reincarnation Arc that her Magic Knight squad is also capable of saving the upper class.

After Licht collected all the magic stones and completed Reincarnation, Noelle and her brother Nozel worked together to save the Silva family from destruction. Without Noelle’s help, Nozel would not have been able to face the combined might of the Magic Knights who had reincarnated as elves. If Nozel, another squad captain, had fallen, the Clover Kingdom would have been much worse.

1 Yami killed an invading demon with a dark-cloaked dimension slash.

Black Clover_ Yami, Asta and Yuno vs A Devil

At the time of writing, Yami has saved the Clover Kingdom from two demons. First, using her Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash, Yami pierced through Zagred to remove the Forbidden magic that led to the elven reincarnation.

Second, Yami and Asta opposed the power of Lucifer’s host in the most recent episodes of Black clover. In both cases, Yami and the Black Bulls fought valiantly to keep the Clover Kingdom safe. Although Yami is currently captured, viewers can rest easy knowing that Nacht is now in charge of keeping the Black Bulls at the top of the annual Magic Knight Squad leaderboard.

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