Kang has assembled his own team of Avengers that have killed different versions of themselves in space and time, and the real Avengers are next.

Warning! Spoilers for Avengers mechanical attack # 5 below

Kang the Conqueror The quest to eradicate the Avengers has led him to use a shocking secret weapon, as the time-jumping villain summoned his own version of the super-team. However, unfortunately, his Avengers are not just monstrous and terrifying versions of heroes, they are among the most dangerous doppelgangers in history, having killed many different versions of themselves in space and time.

At Marvel’s Avengers mechanical attack series, Kang the Conqueror has launched one of his biggest attacks to date, as he has doubled time against himself, leading the Avengers to fight. Kang’s destruction began with the launch of biomecanoids on Earth, prompting Iron Man to strike back with specialized mechs for his teammates. The Avengers did their best against Kang with the mechs, but their forces proved too strong, even getting rid of Black Panther. While T’Challa’s surprise return as the new Herald of Eternity gives the super team a chance to fight Kang, the villain upped the ante, unleashing his own monstrous team of Avengers against Earth’s mightiest Heroes.

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In Avengers mechanical attack # 5 by Jed MacKay, Charles the Great, VC’s Guru-eFX, and Cory Petit, Black Panther attacks Kang with his new powers of eternity. But before joining the hero in a game of trapping in time, the villain unleashes his own version of the Avengers. Kang describes his Avengers teams as his “surprise guests”, specifically “selected from various timelines”, to fight the main Avengers.

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Kang’s Avengers are horrible as they are a mix of undead monsters that have taken on grotesque forms. Spider-Man is a spider monster, Iron Man is almost entirely technological with an exposed brain, Hulk has multiple faces all over his body, and Thor is some kind of tree / animal hybrid with his hammer attached to his hand. Kang’s Iron Man explains that each of them were the “apex predators of their own timeline and have killed the Avengers in their respective realities. In the end, the Avengers only win because Black Panther manages to use the flow of time to cut. Kang and prevent the biomecanoids headed for Earth to begin with, causing both him and his undead Avengers to disappear.

Kang plucking the most violent and murderous heroes from different timelines, all of whom have killed the Avengers before, is actually quite a brilliant strategy. They have proven capable of killing entire rosters of Avengers. Together, they definitely had a chance to win the battle. Ultimately your Avengers gave the real versions a run for their money and could have defeated the main team if it wasn’t for Black Panther stopped Kang Before more blood was spilled. See how Kang’s plans to take over the world unfold Avengers Mechanical Attack # 5, in comic shops now.

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