Filming of the making of The Godfather series, The Offer, has halted production after a positive case of COVID-19 during production.

The production of The offer has been temporarily stopped. The show, based on the making of The Godfather film, has stopped filming due to a positive case of COVID-19. The offer is a limited series coming to Paramount + sometime in 2022. The show, which was adapted from Mario Puzio’s iconic novel, will focus on how The Godfather the movie was created. It will detail the experiences producer Al Ruddy had while working with Francis Ford Coppola on the film.

The show is also bolstered by an all-star cast that includes Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Dan Fogler, Juno Temple, Lou Ferrigno, and Colin Hanks. While there is no exact release date, Paramount Television Studios has stated that it will arrive sometime in 2022. Now, The offer has stopped filming for the moment.

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According to an exclusive from Deadline, production on the show has been halted due to a positive case of COVID-19. This shutdown also came during a time when the Delta variant of COVID-19 has been sweeping across the country, especially in Los Angeles. This variant of COVID-19 has been talked about a lot recently, especially because of how it has closed other productions, and many fear how much it could harm the country. It seems that The offer is one of the productions now affected by this variant. A representative from Paramount Television Studios has said they will “continue to follow all security protocols and monitor the situation closely. “

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This news comes during a difficult time for both the world and the show itself. There have been many problems with the show, including having to change the lead actor. Armie Hammer originally joined the star as Al Ruddy, but was later replaced by Miles Teller. Also, the show just went into production very recently, so there hasn’t been much time to actually get into it. Since there are no details on the show’s production other than when filming began, everyone will have to wonder how much work they were able to get done before closing.

As The offer filming has stopped, it is unclear when production will resume. The cast and crew will take the utmost precautions to stay safe, and one can only hope that everyone is safe and sound. Until then, the public can wish the best for the people involved and look forward to the show’s launch sometime in 2022.

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Source: Deadline

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