Sylvester Stallone teases that The Expendables 4 is still happening with a picture of a new ring designed for the action sequel.

Sylvester Stallone teases The Expendables 4 with a picture of a new ring designed for the action movie. Stallone assembled his first action movie blockbuster team for 2010. the Expendables. Fans enjoyed the old-school thrills of the film and it went on to gross $ 274 million at the box office.

With numbers like that it was obvious the Expendables it would not be a unique novelty. 2012 saw the arrival of The Expendables 2, which memorably featured post-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bigger role after his cameo in the first film. From 2014 The Expendables 3 boosted star power even further, even bringing in Harrison Ford, and continued the series’ mildly successful box office streak. However, by 2014 perhaps the novelty of such action hero teams had faded, such as Consumables 4 it was not immediately put into production. Now, however, it appears that the film is finally ready to go, as series star Randy Couture recently revealed that a script is in the works and the film may go into production as soon as this fall.

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Stallone has now intervened with his own advance stating that The Expendables 4 in fact it is advancing. On Instagram, the star posted a photo of a key element of the upcoming Expendable Supply Items movie: Barney Ross’s new lucky ring. See the image in the space below:

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It has not yet been confirmed that The Expendables 4 has a finished script and a director has not been appointed, but at least now it is known that Barney Ross has a new lucky ring. Ross, of course, has worn his signature piece of jewelry from the very first Expendable Supply Items movie, and fans have been able to buy replicas of the ring ever since. Of course, it would seem logical that if Barney Ross has a lucky ring, it will always be the same lucky ring. But if Stallone’s character has the same ring in every movie, they can’t make a new ring to sell. The marketing linkage potential of a new ring is obviously more important than being realistic about how lucky rings are supposed to work.

Now that Barney Ross’s new ring has been revealed, fans can eagerly await news of the casting at The Expendables 4. Stallone, Couture, and Jason Statham seem to be the only things for sure when it comes to casting, but there are obviously plenty of other action stars for producers to choose from (assuming they’re interested). Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Liam Neeson, Nicolas Cage and Dave Bautista are all actors whose filmographies feature a lot of action, who have yet to appear in a Expendable Supply Items movie. Bautista in particular has worked with Stallone before and might be itching to do it again. Other names that have been rumored for him Expendable Supply Items Series in the past include Steven Seagal, Robert De Niro, Jackie Chan, Jean Reno, and Ron Perlman. Robert Downey Jr. is another actor who has done a lot of action and who might be fun to join the team, maybe even as a bad guy. The Expendables 4 has no release date yet.

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Source: Sylvester Stallone / Instagram

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