With Bloodborne Being constantly hyped about a possible upcoming port for PC and PS5, fans are hoping and hoping for the best. However, with no confirmation or release date on its release, it’s best, for now, to turn to some alternative PC games.

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From the obvious answer of the Dark souls-game series to great 2D platformer Hollow knight, there is a game for each Bloodborne ventilator. Either the resemblance is due to the increased difficulty or the incredible scenery and boss fights, but these games are reminiscent of Bloodborne one way or another.

10 Lilies of ender

The main character is sleeping on a bench with a dark fantasy background in Ender Lilies.

Lilies of ender is a recently released dark fantasy RPG. It features a 2D game that takes place in a sad and destroyed world. With great music, an incredible atmosphere, and an overall soul-like vibe, the player travels on a quest to find beauty in this world full of despair.

In addition, it features strong enemies around the world and challenging boss fights, similar to Bloodborne. Finally, Lilies of ender has a unique and immersive story that fans of the dark fantasy genre will love.

9 Dark Souls Series

Dark Souls 3 - Midir

While waiting Bloodborne on PC, it is a great opportunity to play (or reproduce) the famous Dark souls games. Being some of the best FromSoftware games, each offers unique and compelling gameplay.

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If the player has to choose one, the best option would be Dark souls 3 how it looks like Bloodborne fight more. However, all three games are worth checking out and they have enough features to keep the gamer entertained for several hours.

8 Hollow knight

The Knight rests at the beginning of Hollow Knight.

Hollow knight is a famous 2D dark fantasy RPG that fans love. With 96% overall positive reviews on Steam, it’s one of the most well-received Souls-like games. Hollow knight features an incredibly detailed story, unique boss fights, and pleasantly challenging puzzles.

Also, you often get new updates that add new content like bosses, characters, and missions. In short, if the player is looking for a great game like Bloodborne, Hollow knight it is definitely one of the best options.

7 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Ninja Mod

Any fan of Bloodborne have to try Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Axe is another game developed by FromSoftware and features gameplay similar to Bloodborne structured around boss fights, strong enemies, and fast-paced combat. Also, fans consider it as difficult as Bloodborne and other Souls games. It also includes a great immersive story that Bloodborne fans will definitely enjoy.

6 Oriental exorcist

Player sitting in the middle of a desert valley in Easter Exorcist.

Oriental exorcist is a 2D RPG focused on eastern samurai culture. Its events take place in a dark and painful world, similar to Bloodborne, and its gameplay revolves around progressing by killing enemies and bosses.

Although his combat features special moves and combos compared to Bloodborne simpler design, Oriental exorcistThe world, atmosphere, and enemies have a vibe similar to Bloodborne.

5 Mind: Revenant

The player is blocking on Animus Revenant.

Mind: Revenant is a recently released action RPG. It takes place in a deserted and miserable world, characterized by its atmosphere of dark fantasy. It focuses on history and, similarly to Bloodborne, favors slow combat, strong enemies and powerful bosses that are characterized by their greater difficulty. Additionally, it features a vast open world for players to explore filled with menacing enemies, much like Bloodborne.

4 Remnant: From The Ashes

The player hides behind some debris to avoid being seen by a monster in Remnant From The Ashes.

Remnant: From The Ashes is a cooperative game in which the player is one of the last remnants of humanity and tries to survive against all the monsters that surround him. Features enemies and bosses similar to Bloodborne.

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The main difference is that Remnant: From The Ashes has dynamically generated worlds that change each time, allowing for greater replayability. However, both games are characterized by a dangerous world full of challenging enemies.

3 Vein code

Code Vein Skull King

Vein code is, as many fans describe it, the anime adaptation of Dark souls. It is a dark fantasy RPG and similar to Bloodborne, includes multiple weapons that allow for unique game variations. Plus, it features challenging AI and bosses, as well as a dark and sad story. Its main difference, apart from the anime graphics, is that Vein code it focuses much more on history.

2 Pascal’s bet

The player is attacking a monster with his sword in Pascal's Wager.

Pascal’s bet is an action RPG with dark fantasy elements that bears striking similarities to Bloodborne. From the dark, sunless, despair-filled world to slow combat that focuses on parrying and dodging, the two games have a lot in common.

Although the graphics in Pascal’s bet they’re not exactly the best, he manages to capture Bloodborne dark atmosphere to perfection, which makes it a great recommendation for fans of Souls-like games.

1 Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Weapon Screenshot

Nioh 2 is an action role-playing game that takes place in a Bloodborne-like world. The world is an unforgiving environment filled with enemies and bosses that are known for their great difficulty.

The main difference between the two games is combat. Nioh 2 favors more combos and special moves, similar to the known Koei Tecmo Warrior dynasty Serie. However, based on the dark fantasy world and challenging enemies, the games have a lot in common, and Nioh 2 is a great recommendation for Bloodborne and fans of Souls-like games.

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