Batman / Superman has revealed Etrigan the Demon’s true feelings regarding how he has been used as a character in many of the DC stories lately.

Warning: Contains major spoilers for Batman / Superman # 20!

DC Etrigan he’s tired of being used as a supporting character. Batman / Superman # 20 reveals that this antihero has a big complaint with the way he’s being employed. Based on his character’s story, the Demon is definitely right.

Etrigan the Demon was created by Jack Kirby and introduced in 1972 in Demon # 1. He was the main character, the Demon. He is linked to Jason Blood, a knight of King Arthur’s court and has appeared in various series. Most recently, he was a part of Justice League Dark and teamed up with Detective Chimp. He is a user of magic who, while not totally left behind in DC comic history, has been in the background to many other characters.

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Batman / Superman # 20 features the creative team of Gene Luen Yang, Ivan Reis, and Danny Miki. This issue introduces Etrigan as a new enemy for the titular heroes to face, as, the main series antagonist, asks him to destroy the World of Tomorrow. However, when summoned, Etrigan has a few complaints to make. These complaints are definitely not unfounded considering its comic history compared to its present in recent series, including this one.

Etrigan says that he is continually being used as a supporting character, supporting others, but getting none of the glory. He no longer wants to be part of “other characters’ stories.” This is particularly interesting since when it was first introduced, it WAS a main character. Led its initial series The demon for a total of sixteen numbers. This was followed by two more volumes in the series. Together these three volumes had a total of eighty-two issues directed by Etrigan. In the early 2000s, he also had a seventeen-issue run for Demon blood and a miniseries – The demon: expelled. Lately, however, particularly since Etrigan’s last ongoing series in the short-lived title. Demon knights, he has been just another minor player in larger stories.

Etrigan’s last major appearance, as mentioned above, was when he was paired with Detective Chimp as part of Justice League Dark. This was during DC Future state event. He has also appeared in various issues of other DC series that focus on other more popular characters, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. It’s certainly been a while since the Demon ran his own long-term series. Frankly, it might be time to give him back the reins. With Infinite border, more possibilities for storytelling have been opened. This makes for a perfect time to play with some older characters or characters that have been taking on roles in the background lately. Etrigan definitely falls into this category. He was an instrumental character with Justice League Dark, but as he says, the glory goes to other characters; in that case, it was more Wonder Woman and Zatanna who took the spotlight.

At this point, Etrigan is overdue for being the hero of his own story again. Jason Blood has taken him around and connected him with unexpected characters, but based on the series’ longevity that came shortly after Etrigan’s creation, he clearly has the ability to have adventures of his own. This is a particularly good time as DC could use a few more elements of horror within its new initiative, something that it has generally lacked thus far. DC has amazing characters, but Etrigan has a point – you need to let others have the limelight for a while – or at least have some independent stories that are disconnected from DC Trinity.

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