After a recent accident on the set of The Flash movie, Batcycle has been involved in another accident. Fortunately, no one was injured this time.

After a recent accident on the set of The flash movie, the Batcycle has been involved in another accident. After years in development, Barry Allen / Flash’s (Ezra Miller) first solo outing on the DC Extended Universe went into production earlier this year. The film is directed by Andy Muschietti (That) and written by Christina Hodson, who is also working on the next Bat girl movie and will likely headline the next chapter of the DCEU.

Miller most recently appeared as Scarlet Speedster in Zack Snyder’s League of Justice, which dramatically changed Barry Allen’s arc compared to 2017. League of Justice. Despite Warner Bros. ‘abandonment of the SnyderVerse, The flash It will use elements introduced in the Snyder Cut, including Flash’s ability to run through space and time and his love interest Iris West (Kiersey Clemons). Additionally, set photos have revealed Sasha Calle as Supergirl, and both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck reprise the role of Bruce Wayne. The latest version of Batman’s motorcycle recently crashed into a camera operator on set and now appears to have had another accident.

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The Flash Movie News He recently shared on Twitter a video that was sent to them from the set in Glasgow. The post features stuntman Rick English crashing Batfleck’s Batcycle into a stunt car. The car was supposed to move out of the way by means of the hydraulics, but it did not do so due to a malfunction. A follow-up post shows that the hack works wonders. Check out both below:

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Fortunately, no one was injured this time. In the above incident, the camera operator rushed to the hospital by ambulance and, after receiving immediate medical attention, it was reported that The flash crew member was not seriously injured. Clearly, filming has since resumed, but the Batcycle stunts seem to continue to cause some trouble. The flash is still on track to launch as scheduled in November 2022.

There appear to be more than a couple of scenes involving Affleck’s Batcycle in The flash. While the plot details surrounding the film are kept under wraps, Affleck’s Batman is expected to be something of a Flash mentor to Miller. In the theatrical cut of Justice League, Flash was portrayed as apprehensive and in Snyder League of Justice he is depicted as a more experienced hero, so it is unclear how The flash it will get closer to its titular character. The film is also expected to open up the DC multiverse, allowing characters like Keaton’s Batman to enter the fold. That being said, the next time a Batman gets on a bike, he’ll most likely come close to the stunt with extreme caution.

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