Across the Marvel multiverse, characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine took on the mission of the Punisher in place of Frank Castle in Marvel’s What If …?

In most incarnations of the Marvel Universe, Frank Castle is the Punisher. A murderous vigilante with no trouble taking down his enemies, Frank uses his rage at the loss of his family to inspire a truly brutal war on crime.

But throughout the Marvel multiverse, as explored in What if…?There are others who have adopted the skull and weapons logo to become the Punisher of their own world, including two realities in which some of Marvel’s most famous heroes took up the mantle. Now, this is how the Spider-Man and Wolverine variants ended up becoming the Punisher of their respective worlds.

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What if Punisher Spider-Man Wolverine 2

In 2018, What if? Peter Parker became the punisher by Carl Potts, Juanan Ramierez, and Rachelle Rosenberg envisioned a world in which Spider-Man gained his powers in a similar way to the central Marvel Universe on Earth-616. However, things got discouraged when he lost his uncle to a thief. Chasing the thief and confronting him, the pair fought for the weapon, which eventually went off and hit the thief in the chest, killing him. This version of Spider-Man, known to the public as the Punisher, became an advocate, but with a more casual attitude towards firearms and deadly tactics. Like many versions of Spider-Man, he becomes a public target of J. Jonah Jameson and gets a job taking pictures of himself for the Daily Bugle.

Although he does not jump in to kill his enemies and capture them alive if he can, he still carries the weapon used by the thief on every mission. His unique and inventive gadget bullets proved useful in taking down villains he decided should be killed due to the risk they posed, including the Sinister Six and the Green Goblin. After saving Gwen Stacy’s life from the Goblin and revealing her identity, this incarnation of Peter was inspired to give up his costume and throw it away for Gwen, seemingly giving up his alter-ego. However, it is revealed that an injured Frank Castle discovered the costume in the trash and was likely inspired by the vigilante to get revenge on the criminals who killed his own family.

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What if Wolverine Punisher?

In 2005 What if? With Wolverine, by Daniel Way and Jon Proctor, centered on the exploits of Matteo DiPriggia, a criminal from the 1940s. It reveals that in one world, a version of Logan in the 1920s was offered the opportunity to run a bar that helped smugglers bring illegal alcohol into the United States from Canada. Although he had a child with a local woman and was offered a home, Logan was initially hesitant to take the position and rejoin society. However, the bar was attacked and everyone in it was killed by one of the smugglers, who was named Scarface. Furious, Logan went to Chicago to confront the man, with a skull and crossbones flag from the bar as a memento of the people he had lost.

Not long after arriving in town, Logan found an unlikely friend in petty criminal Matteo, who led him to a possible hideout for Scarface. Wearing the flag as a shirt, Logan was captured and confronted by Scarface, this world’s version of his evil half-brother Dog. Revealing that he had planted bombs while heading to the building in the first place, the hotel was destroyed in a huge fireball. However, Logan survived Hell and was reunited with Matteo. Deciding that Chicago is going to change whether he likes it or not, Logan tells Matteo to find more guns and bullets for him as they set out to effectively become the Punisher of this reality.

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