Steven Spielberg’s classic Jaws It is without a doubt the best shark movie ever made, but there is a decades-long debate as to whether it is horror or not. Jaws It’s, of course, the movie that basically created the idea of ​​the summer blockbuster, which Hollywood has been using as one of its driving concepts for more than 40 years right now. Whether that’s a good thing is a personal opinion, but it certainly marked a change when it came to planning the study.

Beyond your success, Jaws it is perhaps most notable now for resisting magnificently. Many older movies can be difficult for younger audiences to watch due to changes in pacing and plot conventions, but Jaws remains as exceptional today as ever. All three main characters are excellently represented, and Spielberg shows why he became one of the greatest directors of all time, even if his work gravitates towards popcorn.

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Jaws it also spawned several bad sequels, but thankfully, they haven’t been able to tarnish the original. Jaws‘Greatness isn’t really up for debate, but its status as a horror movie seems to be. Interestingly, it is a subject on which both parties are quite passionate and firm, with whom they classify Jaws as quite insistent horror is part of the genre, and those who say Jaws Horror doesn’t offer many reasons why that’s not the case. It is a complex subject and is worth discussing.

Jaws is one of the scariest movies ever made

Fifth Death Jaws

Those looking for a movie to watch on the streaming service of their choice, or those old enough to remember walking the aisles of their local video store, will find that Jaws it is almost never included in horror movies. It’s commonly classified as an adventure on the high seas, or perhaps a suspense thriller, which sometimes feels like a label people use when they think a movie is horror but don’t want to admit it. However, horror is often closely related to scaring the audience, and if that’s a gender yardstick, Jaws It more than meets that requirement and is, in fact, one of the scariest movies ever.

Of course, Jaws It has lighter moments, like when the unlikely shark-hunting trio joins Quint’s ship, but when it’s scary, it doesn’t stop. The death of young Alex Kintner, though relatively bloodless on screen, is every parent’s and swimmer’s worst nightmare. Then there is of course the scene where Ben Gardner’s severed head is discovered, one of the most infamous scare jumps of all time. Not to mention the iconic scene where the shark is seen in its entirety for the first time, shocking Brody, or even the opening sequence, in which an unfortunate skinny dipper is eaten alive while screaming. To top off the hideous buffet of terrifying content, Quint is slowly eaten by the great white as his boat sinks. If horror is scary, Jaws it’s horror.

Why is Jaws not considered horror?

Jaws Chief Brody and Shark on boat

This is definitely the side of the debate on Jaws be horror or not, that’s harder to quantify. Weather Jaws It certainly has some action-adventure elements, and a lot of human drama, at the same time, there’s no rule of thumb that says horror has to fit in a neat little box and be a standard slasher or haunted house movie. Jaws is also one of those rare movies that, like The silence of the lambs, some people seem reluctant to call it horror due to the fact that it is well done, well acted and well written. These folks can only associate horror with being B-grade movies, but that doesn’t mean the genre is limited to that rate.

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It’s quite understandable why the Universal Pictures studio might want to avoid the horror label, as sadly, even in 2021, the genre is often abandoned and sidelined by those it doesn’t like, often including many mainstream film critics. . While this factor is not as prevalent as it was in decades past, Universal may want to Jaws still being seen as a prestigious image, and calling it horror could unfairly undermine it. Still, that doesn’t explain why so many viewers insist on Jaws It’s also not horror, as they have nothing to gain or lose by labeling it as such, unless of course they just hate the genre.

Shark is horror or not?

When viewed logically, and as closely objectively as can be done on such a potentially subjective matter as movie ratings, it seems clear that Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Jaws it is indeed a horror movie. Yes Alien It can be both horror and science fiction, why not Jaws be both horror and adventure? Just because something falls into horror doesn’t mean it can’t include other genres as well. After all, the term sci-fi / horror exists for a reason. There is no logical obstacle to giving it that distinction. What it really does Jaws A horror movie, in addition to its fear factor mentioned above, is that when it comes down to its most basic elements, it is a monster movie.

The monster may be a huge, hungry animal rather than a demon or vampire, but the shark is still very much a monster, and Brody, Hooper, and Quint are the ragged monster hunters looking to kill the beast that is charging. lives in a small area. . Being a horror movie will not harm Spielberg’s legacy of great movies, as this basic plot has been the backbone of many popular horror movies, since Night of scares to Silver bullet, even Predator, another film that is often incorrectly excluded from the horror genre. Jaws It also influenced later elements of stylistic horror, such as not showing the monster in its entirety until later and making use of shots of monsters in point of view. Jaws it’s definitely a horror movie, and it’s about time the pop culture world at large started considering it as such. It won’t harm the legacy of a 46-year-old all-time classic, and it’s a distinction that’s long overdue. Horror movies can win Oscars too, and maybe more, without the arbitrary trimming that is so often made to exclude them.

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