Kevin Smith posts a nostalgic behind-the-scenes image of Clerks 3 showing him in the original Silent Bob hoodie from the Clerks from 1994.

Kevin Smith wears the original Silent Bob Stoner hoodie in a new Employees 3 image behind the scenes. Smith became an independent film favorite when he launched the low-budget comedy. Employees in 1994. In addition to writing and directing the film, Smith also played his signature character Silent Bob, a non-speaking stoner who spends all his time in the company of Jay (Jason Mewes).

Jay and Silent Bob’s comedy team would, of course, be retired again by Smith and Mewes to Mallrats, Chasing amy Y Dogma before releasing his own movie with 2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, a parody of the Hollywood studio system. The duo naturally had to return when Smith revised their groundbreaking indie comedy with the 2006 sequel. Employees II. And they fought back in 2019 Jay and Silent Bob reboot. Now Smith is ready to keep the promise Employees III, who sees him again playing Silent Bob.

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In honor of Employees III Being officially picked up by Lionsgate and ready to go into production, Smith recently posted an image of himself visiting the original Quick Stop from the first movie. In another new behind-the-scenes post, Smith just shared photos of himself wearing the actual original Silent Bob hoodie from the first. Employees. What blacksmith Explains in the caption, the hoodie that started it all has spent the last 20 years framed and hung on the wall of his New Jersey comic book store, Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, but was removed from his place of honor and will be returned to duty in Employees III. See the images in the space below:

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Smith, of course, looks very different in the new look than he did in 1994 when the original Employees he left. Much of this is obviously due to the weight loss she experienced after her near-fatal heart attack in 2018. And, of course, you have to consider the natural passage of time. Interestingly, although almost three decades have passed since Employees came out, it seems that Silent Bob hasn’t changed his wardrobe much, as he will continue to wear the same hoodie that he wore in 1994. In fact, there is something appropriate about this, as Jay and Silent Bob look like characters that exist out of time, as if they were stuck forever in the early 90’s while the rest of the world went on without them.

Jay and Silent Bob won’t in fact be the only characters returning from the first two Employees films. Jeff Anderson’s Randal and Brian O’Halloran’s Dante will also be back, along with Rosario Dawson’s Becky, who appeared in Employees II. And given that Employees III It’s a Smith movie, there are sure to be some hilarious cameos from people who have worked with the director over the years. The story reportedly refers to Randal who suffered his own heart attack and asked Dante, Silent Bob, and Jay to make a movie that would immortalize his time at Quick Stop. There is clearly an autobiographical twist to this plot, given Smith’s own health issues, as well as a meta-narrative element that sounds very Jay and Silent Bob. Employees 3 has no release date yet.

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Source: Kevin Smith / Instagram

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