Deadpool needs a friend after finding himself in a bloody situation; however, only one Marvel hero offers to help.

Warning! Spoilers for Deadpool: black, white and blood below

dead Pool It’s called Merc with a Mouth for good reason, as the antihero has been known to take the wrong side of other Marvel Comics characters simply because he never shuts up. Now in need of backup in a dangerous situation, Deadpool will reach out to some heroes for help. He will be completely attacked, except for one hero who considers him his best friend: Honey Badger!

Also known as Honey Badger, Gabby Kinney is the clone of Laura Kinney, AKA Wolverine, AKA X-23. The brave heroine has a single claw on each of her arms and feet and has the same healing factor inherited from the Wolverines before her. Usually seen with her royal pet, Wolverine, Jonathan, Gabby was the emotional center of Tom Taylor’s excellent all-new Wolverine arc – she was co-created by David Lopez and David Navarrot. In the arc, he formed a friendship with Deadpool as they bonded over their scars and similarities. The pairing was excellent as Deadpool served as an unlikely mentor to Gabby.

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In a new preview of the upcoming anthology, Deadpool: black, white and blood # 1, Taylor will join Phil Noto and Joe Sabino in a story starring Deadpool and Gabby. However, Honey Badger is not the first hero she thought of calling, as the fourth wall breaker tries his luck with Spider-Man and Wolverine first.

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Spider-Man notices that Wade Wilson is trying to call him and says “oh no”. Mary Jane tells him to let him go to voicemail as “nothing good can come of answering that.” He then calls Logan, who actually answers Deadpool’s call. As Deadpool picks up on Wolverine’s manners, Wolverine wonders how he got his number before throwing his phone on the road. Her third call is to Honey Badger, who tells Deadpool that she is his “best friend” and that he should have called her first.

Deadpool (after breaking the fourth wall) tells Gabby that her latest mission is dangerous and violent, and when asked how violent, the comic addresses the Mercenary with Mouth sitting among dead animals. Deadpool then gives young readers a hilarious teaching moment.

The anthology’s bloody promise is definitely fulfilled in Taylor, Noto and Sabino’s new story preview with Deadpool and Gabby. Honestly, even though Kinney is a child, she has experienced more violence than most in the Marvel Universe and is a welcome help to Wade Wilson. Readers will get more adventures from dead Pool and Honey Badger when Deadpool: white, black and blood hits comic book stores on Wednesday.

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