While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause anxiety for many, Mushi-Shi can be the relaxing entertainment anime viewers need.

It’s no secret that 2020 was one of the most difficult years for many around the world and while things are starting to get better, the world is not out of the woods yet. Many people are turning to entertainment to distract themselves from current events. For anime fans, Mushi-Shi It is the perfect program to calm pandemic anxiety and fatigue.

Mushi-Shi Follow Master Mushi Ginko as he travels through the countryside, taming wild mushi and helping humans learn to coexist with them. Mushi, the purest life form on Earth, is undetectable to many ordinary people. Ginko teaches about them and solves whatever problems they create for humans. Every episode of Mushi-Shi shows Ginko finding a mushi-related problem and, in most cases, providing a solution. This is how Ginko shows viewers that no matter the difficulties, there is always an answer.

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Mushi-ShiThe atmosphere, while disturbing at times, lulls the audience into a sense of calm. The settings are mainly in the forest or other natural places such as the ocean or mountains. Landscapes are generally illustrated in cool toned colors and painted in a watercolor style. These beautiful scenes are accompanied by soft music featuring bells, wind instruments, and acoustic guitars. The opening theme “The Sore Feet Song” is a meandering folk tune that sets the soft tone for each episode. This relaxing setting can reassure viewers and provide respite from everyday stressors.

Every episode of Mushi-Shi shows Ginko finding different types of mushi in the villages she passes through. These scenarios range from a boy who can paint new creatures and a man whose dreams come true through his pillow, to a girl who cannot see in the sunlight and a wintry village where the snow swallows all sound. Each of these cases brings annoying and sometimes dangerous consequences for the mushi’s human hosts and those around them.

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When Ginko arrives, she uses her knowledge and skills to alleviate the person’s symptoms with as little damage to the mushi as possible. Sometimes he is able to persuade mushi to come out of where they are hiding with light or herbs, while other times he gives people medicine to tame or eradicate them from their bodies. Although some episodes of Mushi-Shi have sad endings, where people or mushi are negatively affected during the healing process, the show always encourages the idea of ​​balance and coexistence with all creatures. Ginko urges humans to understand the mushi and learn to live with them; Since they are all creatures of Earth, it is crucial to find a balance and live in harmony with the mushi as much as possible.

It is important to remember Ginko’s message, especially during these difficult times. He emphasizes to the villagers that there is no point in blaming anyone when mushi cause trouble: both humans and mushi simply try to live every day, as creatures do. Sometimes their interactions are harmless, while other times they can bring physical or mental difficulties to entire people or towns. Ginko’s wisdom reminds audiences that guilt is not the main thing to focus on. Instead, it is important to remain calm and allow those with the ability to fix things to take the initiative. What Mushi-Shi preach, although times can get tough, solutions are not as far out of reach as we think.

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