Death seems inevitable, especially in the anime world, where all kinds of characters can die unexpectedly. Sometimes the viewer does not even have the opportunity to see a character die; the audience is casually told what happened in the dialogue. The reasons for this are complicated. Censorship is often a problem. Other times, if a series is rushed, a character must be quickly canceled with no time to give him a proper death. Occasionally, there are times when a kill is kept off screen, so it can be ambiguous whether or not a character actually died.

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Regardless, this can be annoying for fans of a show. Often, it’s because they felt the character deserved a proper resolution to their story, for better or for worse. Other times, it’s not so much the circumstances but the fact that they died that makes things so tragic.

10 Detective Conan: The Rare Moment The Series Killed A Child Caused Him To Die Off Screen – Twice

Phantom of Baker Street

Weather detective conan no stranger to gruesome and cruel deaths, one of the first times a child was a victim was in the movie The Phantom of Baker Street. In the movie, Hiroki Sawada, a child prodigy, appears to have jumped off a skyscraper, leaving only his shoes to hint at his invisible suicide. Of course, things are a bit more complicated than they seem.

Later, Conan realizes that one of the other characters within a virtual reality game is actually Hiroki’s avatar. Unfortunately, it is implied that what is left of him will also not survive the end of the game.

9 Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Mami’s death was not seen in the first timelines

Death is a sensitive topic in the world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. If a magical girl dies on a witch’s barrier, she does not leave a corpse in the real world. This easily lends itself to characters who have invisible deaths in the universe because they just disappear.

In the first and second timelines, Mami’s death occurred off-screen, although Walpurgisnacht was identified as the culprit. Viewers can see the aftermath of her death in the main timeline – her headless corpse is shown while the witch can be heard eating. Ultimately, however, he is revived thanks to Madoka’s wish.

8 Sailor Moon: Mamoru spends most of the last season dead without anyone knowing

usamamo sailor moon

In the 90s adaptation of Sailor moon, the final season features a dark twist for Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship: immediately the ghost after leaving for America. Usagi never hears a word from him, and endures his loneliness all season behind the happy facade he puts up for his friends. But towards the end of the season, Galaxia coldly reveals that he has his Starseed, which means that he had killed him before he came to America. With that said, viewers can finally see how he died in the next episode.

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In the original manga, things were different: Mamoru actually died in front of Usagi, but she had blocked him, even telling herself that she had forgotten something. Another reason she thinks he’s still alive is that he keeps receiving mysterious unsigned postcards, even though they eventually turn out to be from Seiya.

7 Revolutionary Girl Utena: Touga was a ghost the entire time in the movie

In the film Utena’s adolescence, which is an alternate count of Revolutionary girl Utena, Touga turns out to have been dead the entire time. He drowned as a child trying to save a dying stranger, hinted to be Juri, with everything witnessed by Utena. Despite this, he still appears at school, looking like he’s still alive, like a ghost that only people who knew him can see.

To add to the cruelty, it turned out that Touga lost his life for nothing, as the girl who was drowning was rescued by someone else. Interestingly, the story of the drowned boy appears in different incarnations of the series, but with characters that switch roles. Some versions say that Utena is the girl drowning or even attempting to rescue, except that she eventually survives the incident.

6 Dragon Ball: Krillin’s first death happened off-screen, at least initially

Krillin shines in front of Goku

In the Dragon Ball In-universe, Krillin found himself dying and coming back to life at numerous points, but the first time he probably had the most emotional impact, despite not appearing on screen. When Tambourine kills him, Goku only hears him scream and finds his lifeless body on the ground. His death may not have been shown due to his young age at the time. However, when Krillin has flashbacks of his previous deaths in Dragon ball super, it shows more of what happened.

The Dragon Ball the universe likes to have fun with invisible deaths – Tao Pai Pai’s death was only shown with a bang. Eventually, however, he revived as a cyborg.

5 Death Note: Light reserved a special death for Naomi Misora ​​to hide the body

Death Note It’s not the kind of show that normally avoids viewers the lurid details of characters dying on screen, but Naomi Misora ​​was a special case. To prevent her from exposing her true identity, Light tricks her into revealing her name and uses the Death Note to kill herself, albeit unseen by viewers.

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His body was never found, but this had more to do with Light specifying in the Death Note that he would commit suicide in a way that would hide the body than implying that he was actually fine.

4 Death Note: Mello turned into a corpse practically in an instant

mello deathnote

Naomi wouldn’t be the only character in Death Note die an invisible death, although this time the body was not hidden out of necessity. Mello suffers a similar fate to Naomi, going from being alive to a corpse between scenes, and has also been killed with the Death Note. His executioner was his captive Takada, who used a piece of Mikami’s Death Note and had learned Mello’s real name from Light.

3 One Piece: Spectators have a bait and change Absalom’s fate

In One pieceWhen Absalom is kidnapped by Blackbeard, the details are hidden from viewers, presumably to keep his fate ambiguous so they think he’s still alive. Gecko Moria, an old friend and comrade entered Blackbeard’s base to find Absalom. Unfortunately, it turns out that Absalom was dead the entire time; Blackbeard killed him to take his Devil Fruit ability.

2 The Promised Neverland: Conny’s Invisible Death Reveals Orphanage Truth

Conny and Bunny

In The promised neverland, Norman and Emma sneak out of Grace Field House to find Conny and return their toy bunny. Unfortunately, when they meet Conny, instead of leaving to be adopted into a family, they discover that he is nothing more than a corpse.

This, combined with hearing their caretaker mention that demons are collecting children for their meat, gives them a clue to the fact that things are not as they seem.

1 Demon Slayer: Tanjiro and Nezuko’s family dies off-screen in first episode

Demon Slayer Tanjiro

In the first episode of Murderer of demonsTanjiro Kamado has a moving farewell scene with his family before going to sell coal to support them, assuring the audience that they are happy despite their circumstances. This makes everything more cruel when he returns and discovers that most of them are dead, killed by Muzan Kibutsuji in an attempt to transform them into demons. Only their cold and bloody corpses remain.

Her sister Nezuko survived, but at a price: she became a demon and lost most of her memories. Fortunately, she has enough of herself to know that she must not kill Tanjiro.

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