In Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Gonky finally manages to fulfill his original purpose as a portable power generator and helps save the day in the process.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 14, “War-Mantle,” now airing on Disney +.

Along the Star Wars, the droids have played an important role in the hero’s efforts to overthrow his enemies, sometimes fighting on both sides. While the trilogies and TV series thus far have had more overtly heroic droid companions, from R2-D2 and C-3PO to Star wars rebels Helicopter. In Star Wars: The Bad Lot, the team has been joined by Gonky, a GNK-series power droid, who plays a much quieter role. Still, in episode 14, “War-Mantle”, Gonky finally has a moment to shine and helps save most of the team from the clutches of the Empire.

What Gonky entrance In the official database it explains, GNK-series power droids generally, as the name suggests, provide portable power sources. However, Gonky had not been shown to fulfill this role. Instead, at the beginning of the series, Gonky is used primarily as part of Wrecker’s workout routine, a role Gonky doesn’t seem to care about.

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Gonky has also bonded with Omega, serving as a friend and an occasional pillow for her. In “Rampage”, Omega initially stays behind with Gonky as the team tries to rescue Muchi. Gonky honks questioningly at Omega, and she responds, “I’m making some changes to my soldier. Now she’s a Bad Batcher. What do you think?” With this exchange, Omega shows that he values ​​Gonky’s opinion and sees him as a person in his own right.

When Omega attempts to repair Gonky in “Rescue on Ryloth”, Hunter reveals that Gonky is a defective droid that cannot sustain a full charge. Gonky honks his horn dejectedly in response to Hunter’s assessment of his condition, and Omega comforts him by drawing a parallel between Gonky and the rest of the team. Despite Hunter acknowledging that Gonky has always struggled to fulfill his role as generator, Omega still works to fix his friend’s episodes later.

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Gonky and Omega in Star Wars The Bad Batch

In “War-Mantle”, Gonky finally has a chance to fulfill his true purpose and help save the team. When the team is making a desperate attempt to escape the Empire’s secret base on Daro, the Havoc Marauder begins to lose power. Omega connects Gonky to the ship in a moment of quick thinking, increasing the power long enough to save most of the team. While Gonky is overloaded in the process, he still plays a vital role in most of Clone Force 99’s survival.

Thus, the Gonky droid proves that heroism doesn’t always have to be flashy. Instead, Gonky’s heroism stems from his programming and his intended purpose as a power droid. What Star Wars: The Bad Lot Coming into the final two episodes of the season, Gonky may have even more chances for heroism as the team tries to rescue Hunter from the Empire and reunite the family once more.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch continues to narrate the mission of the team and the droids that assist them. New episodes air Fridays on Disney +.

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