Quentin Tarantino’s blood-soaked poetry and Tony Scott’s graceful imagery turned out to be a perfect match when the first script of the first appeared on the desk of the second. Taking a bright, comic-book-like approach to the well-known story of Bonnie and Clyde, True romance is a crime thriller that oozes style.

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Although it was initially a box office disappointment, it wasn’t long before the power of Tarantino’s rising star was revered. True romance like a cult classic. The movie still stands today, thanks to these timeless elements.

10 Clarence and Alabama’s tangible love connection

Of many ways, True romance it plays like an escapist fantasy, when a lonely and unlucky geek meets a beautiful escort who falls madly in love with him. That story wouldn’t work if Alabama’s love for Clarence (and vice versa) didn’t feel real.

Fortunately, the movie doesn’t have that problem. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette share incredible chemistry in the roles and the script includes many tender moments between them.

9 Tarantino’s sharp dialogue

Tarantino may not have directed True romance, but his voice can be seen throughout the film thanks to his unmistakable style of dialogue. As in all of Tarantino’s best movies, the dialogue scenes in True romance they are as compelling as the action scenes.

There are entire conversations worth memorizing in True romance, but little twists of phrases like “from a googly-eyed Joe to a damn yes I know” are the most prominent.

8 Gary Oldman’s hilarious performance as Drexl Spivey

Gary Oldman as Drexl in True Romance

In the first half of True romanceThe main antagonist is Drexl Spivey, the Alabama pimp, played by an unrecognizable Gary Oldman with dreadlocks and a scar on his face. Oldman has played such legendary roles as Dracula, Beethoven, George Smiley and Winston Churchill, but his eccentric turn as Drexl remains one of his best performances.

Drexl is a straightforward sadist who slaughters drug dealers in a hotel room for fun in his introductory scene. But thanks to Oldman’s funny installments (“I’m not as pretty as a couple of idiots”), Drexl is still oddly charming.

7 The soundtrack

The soundtrack of True romance not as memorable as some of Tarantino’s other soundtracks, like Pulp fiction Y Jackie brownBut Tony Scott brought the same pop-infused energy to the film that Tarantino brings to his own directing endeavors. Soundgarden, Shelby Lynne, and Robert Palmer appear on the soundtrack along with Hans Zimmer’s original soundtrack.

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Zimmer based the film’s unmistakable theme on Carl Orff’s “Gassenhauer” Schulwerk, famous for its use in Terrence Malick’s similar moving lovers thriller We stopped.

6 The pitch-black comic sensibility

Gary Oldman as Drexl Spivey in True Romance

Like the rest of Tarantino’s scripts, True romance has a good dose of black humor. A brutal mafia chase is played for a laugh; Drexl is a single line machine; and a movie producer accidentally covers himself with cocaine while trying to hide it from an approaching policeman.

And the same what Reservoir dogs“Caught in the middle with you” torture scene and Pulp fictionPawn shop basement scene “Bring out the gimp”, the black humor of True romance it still holds today.

5 Elvis fantasies

The opening scene of True romance It establishes that Clarence is an Elvis Presley superfan, and whenever he’s alone at a crucial plot point, a fantasy version of Elvis appears to him to impart some wisdom.

It’s a clear reference to Woody Allen’s Bogart fantasies in the 1972 romantic comedy. Play it again, Sam, and Val Kilmer provides an almost perfect personification of the King.

4 Brad Pitt’s turn as a clueless junkie

Brad Pitt as Floyd in True Romance

Brad Pitt delivers a short but unforgettable supporting performance at True romance as Floyd, the roommate of Clarence’s friend, a smoker who spends all his time on the couch. Pitt’s comedic skills are vastly underutilized, but Tarantino has given him a ton of fun material to work on. True romance, Inglorious Bastards, Y Once upon a time in hollywood.

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According to Judd Apatow, Floyd’s character was the inspiration for Quick pineapple: “I thought it would be fun to make a movie where you follow that character out of his apartment and watch the bad guys chase him.”

3 The thrilling climate shootout

The culminating gun battle in True Romance

The conflicts of True romance It culminates in an explosive shooting in a hotel room between a group of drug dealers and a group of police officers, with Clarence and Alabama caught in the middle.

As well as being a spectacular and action-packed sequence, it also has a lot of emotional resonance when Clarence is shot in the eye and it’s unclear if he will make it out alive.

2 The happy ending

Clarence and Alabama walk away at the end of True Romance

Tony Scott changed two crucial things about the Tarantino original True romance text. Tarantino had given the story a non-linear structure, which Scott put in chronological order, and also killed Clarence at the end. In Scott’s version, Clarence simply loses an eye and escapes to Mexico to start a family with Alabama.

While the original gloomier ending would have been cool and cynical and French New Wave, the movie works much better with Clarence’s survival. True romance it might not have had the same staying power that it had if a morbid ending awaited the audience at the end.

1 The Sicilian scene

Easily the most iconic scene in True romance it is the scene of the interrogation, often referred to as “the Sicilian scene.” Clarence’s father, played by Dennis Hopper, is brutally interrogated by a Sicilian thug, played by Christopher Walken. Realizing that he will be killed either way, Clarence’s father avoids revealing his son’s location and instead gives the mobster a little history lesson.

Tarantino he once said at a Comic-Con panel that the Sicilian scene was his favorite scene that he had ever written until he finally got over it with the tense opening sequence of Inglorious Bastards.

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