Numerous scenes of Loki from Thor from 2011 had to be removed. Otherwise, they could have completely changed the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Numerous scenes from Loki from 2011 Thor they had to be eliminated, or they could have completely changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief is clearly a villain in Thor. Since the beginning of the movie, Loki is plotting against Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder, giving him the idea to go to Jotunheim against Odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) wishes and trying to take the throne of Asgard for himself. The revelation that Loki is an Ice Giant and his parents hid his true lineage from him makes the character’s journey more understanding, but his mischievous ways are always present.

Thor establishes Loki as a worthy villain for 2012 the Avengers. The film establishes the character’s lust for power and shows how low he will sink to achieve it. To prove that he is worthy of the throne, Loki even attempts to commit genocide, attempting to wipe out the entire race of the Frost Giants. The film prepares audiences for the change Loki is going through in Avengers. In that movie, Loki’s need for power makes him a cold monster. On Earth, lead an attack by the Chitauri aliens, kills dozens of people and shows little to no remorse. Is a worthy Avengers adversary.

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Some key scenes removed from Thor allowed Loki to transform into total villainy. Although Loki’s tragic story makes him somewhat sympathetic in ThorIt turns out that the character could have been even more attractive to audiences. Various deleted scenes from Thor (via Youtube) show Loki fraternally conversing with the God of Thunder apparently prior to Thor’s coronation. Another scene reveals Loki’s mother, Frigga (Rene Russo), talking to him about the decision to hide his paternity from him. He is even shocked when she offers him the Asgardian throne while Odin is incapacitated in Odinsleep. The scenes don’t change the fact that Loki is the villain of the story, but they aggressively humanize the character.

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Loki Frigga Asgard Thor the Dark World

Had the scenes made the final cut of Thor, they might have confused the viewing audience the Avengers. The 2012 movie was Marvel’s first attempt to reunite all of its heroes. Before the MCU, expanding shared universe movies weren’t really a thing, and Avengers It was the proof of concept. The movie was based on fans getting behind their heroes in a classic battle of good versus evil, and the deleted scenes of Loki could have destroyed it. If Loki’s various moments were left in Thor, it would make Loki’s jump to the movie villain weird. Why did Loki suddenly become a power-hungry sociopath when Thor introduced him as a doting brother and doting son?

Yes the Avengers it didn’t work, the MCU wouldn’t exist like it does today. As it stands, Marvel has released more than twenty movies and is now expanding into its shared universe with critically acclaimed television. With its success, the MCU is also breaking new ground in comic book movies, bringing a new Asian superhero in. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings and confirming that the God of Mischief is bisexual in Loki. Yes, the Loki scenes would have made the character more heartbreaking in Thor. But by leaving the scenes inside, Marvel may have ultimately killed more Marvel superheroes than Thanos.

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