Even with the massive amount of content Netflix can produce year after year, the streaming platform also has a bad habit of not renewing fan-favorite shows for subsequent seasons. With dozens of new shows released each year, there is always concern among viewers that their new favorite show will not get a second or third season despite the popularity and number of viewers of the show. If it’s programs like I’m not cool with this, canceled after just one season, or shows like Luke cage Y The Punisher getting the ax when they were starting to gain momentum, fans never know what to expect from the streaming giant.

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There are many reasons why Netflix cancels so many shows, even when they are popular. Mainly, Netflix tends to make more money by releasing new shows frequently, which means that existing shows aren’t such a high priority. Despite the current model that favors new content, there are tons of shows on Netflix that are more than worthy of another season.

10 Stole

With the release of Zack Snyders’ Army of the deadIt looks like the heist genre is likely to have another renaissance, at least on Netflix. The popularity of the docuseries Stole it also bodes well for the genre. As of now, there hasn’t been any real discussion about season 2, but with the show’s release, Netflix will likely wait and see just how popular it gets.

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There are many more real-life heists to explore in the event of a season 2, some of the biggest known heists weren’t even covered on the show, specifically the infamous Lufthansa heist, which was brought into the limelight by Martin. Scorceses. Goodfellas. Even one-part episodes covering lesser-known heists that were significant in some way would be something fans of the show would be more than happy to learn about.

9 King tiger

During the early parts of the Covid-19 lockdown, it seemed like everyone had watched King tigerAnd for good reason. The show is hilarious, amazing, and shocking. Even with the headline Joe Exotic still in prison, there is definitely more to the story that you need to explore.

Characters like Carole Baskin and Doc Antle are quite interesting on their own and Netflix wouldn’t have to scramble for material if they decided to do a sequel or spinoff. There are already plenty of news updates on the real life story since the documentaries and multiple adaptations of the story in development were released.

8 Greedy

Christian Convery as Gus in Sweet Tooth

Perhaps the most popular new show on Netflix in 2021 so far, Greedy it was a surprise to many viewers. The show, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, follows the story of a boy who is half deer and the father figure who tries to protect him. As far as the season 1 narrative goes, putting the story on hold is a good indicator that the same plot will continue, should it be renewed.

With many of the hybrid children captured by General Abbot, there are many more stories to tell. So far, there have been no official reports of season 2, but it seems unlikely that Netflix won’t capitalize on the success of one of the best post-apocalyptic shows in years.

7 High on the pig

Two men talking in a forest at High on the Hog

Part cultural documentary, part gastronomic documentary, Netflix High on the pig is a fascinating look at how food can help shape culture across generations. Based on Stephen Satterfield’s book, the documentary series traces African-American food back to its roots in Africa before embarking on a culinary journey through the southern United States.

Since the series is primarily focused on the southern United States, the impact of African cuisine in other parts of the country could easily be explored, as well as the cultural impact of other cuisines in the United States.

6 I think you should go

I think you should go with Tim Robinson

The quirky and quirky comedy series from SNL Pupil Tim Robinson was a huge hit after season 1 and season 2 was no different. Filled with outrageous jokes and sketches that border on the crazy, the series is as refreshing as it is hilarious. The show is just one of the best comedy sketch shows to hit the platform.

Since season 2 feels like an extension of the first, most fans would expect an expansion of some of their favorite parodies, perhaps with characters returning in new parodies. The guest stars that Robinson featured was also an improvement over the first season, and something fans are looking forward to.

5 Fresh, Fried and Crispy

Daym Drops about to have a burger at Fresh Fried and Crispy

Another foodie documentary that took a slightly new direction, Fresh, Fried and Crispy leave the often pretentious world of fine dining behind in favor of all things fried. By exploring cities not normally associated with culinary tradition like Denver and Clevland, the series was able to showcase some delicious dishes in lesser-known parts of the country.

While it was nice to see underrepresented cities, host Daym Drops could explore lesser-known restaurants in New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC. Even exploring the wide world of fried foods at state and county fairs would be an interesting approach. There’s no shortage of fried food in America, and fans are looking forward to a season 2 exploring even more crunchy treats.

4 Sons of sam

David Berkovitz pointing to a photograph in a still from Son of Sam- The Killer Speaks

The public’s obsession with everything dark and strange is stronger than ever and Sons of sam offers a surprisingly new version of the true crime documentary. Rather than reporting the widely accepted facts of the infamous case, the documentary explores a new narrative that Berkowitz was not acting alone.

Add in an increasingly unreliable narrator and Netflix came up with a formula to take a standard true-crime documentary and turn it into a near-seat thriller. There are many nefarious serial killers and criminals who have not gotten their own documentary and format in The Sons of sam could be used over and over again.

3 Last Chance U: Basketball


A spin-off based on the popular basketball Last chance U It was a no-brainer for Netflix and was an immediate hit with sports documentary fans. Following the men’s basketball team at East Los Angeles College, the documentary series is nearly identical in format to the original show.

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With lots of drama, lots of sports, and tons of heartfelt moments, the series is immensely inspiring. The original Last chance U They already have 5 seasons under their belt, so it seems likely that there will be more seasons to come, whether they continue to follow the same school and group in season one or switch schools entirely. Going from soccer to basketball also opens the door to a spin-off with yet another sport.

2 Crime Scene: The Disappearance at Hotel Cecil

Pablo Vergara AKA Morbid in Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel on Netflix

The fascinating and disturbing story of the disappearance of a young tourist at an infamous hotel in downtown Los Angeles explored the ugliest side of the city of angels. The show follows the efforts of law enforcement and the attempt to solve the case by a group of Internet detectives. It quickly becomes clear that it is not the first unusual thing to happen at Hotel Cecil, in fact it is just one of many strange things that happen there.

The show gives the hotel its own character and many viewers would love to see more strange and surreal happenings from the hotel over the years. A season 2 could focus again on a specific case or take the route of an anthology series and discuss a different Cecil Hotel story in each episode.

1 The movies they made us

Cultural documentaries generally deviate towards heavier themes of world events and their cultural impacts, however, Movies that made us, takes a much lighter approach than it shaped American culture.

Aside from those already discussed, there are plenty of influential movies from the ’80s and’ 90s that nostalgic fans would love to see discussed like John Carpenter’s. The thing or coming-of-age classics like The breakfast club. Regardless of the movies, attracting more guest stars for the upcoming seasons should be a top priority. Season 2 premiered recently and a season 3 would be welcome.

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