The Walking Dead is one of the most popular sci-fi franchises in pop culture today, but its passionate fandom didn’t just materialize due to its amazing visuals and scary stories. Its extensive cast of characters (which includes its prequel series, Fear of the undead) helped anchor and cement its fantasy elements, making a franchise centered around a zombie apocalypse feel genuine and authentic through its compelling narratives.

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With James Cameron collaborator and producer Gale Anne Hurd serving as producer. The Walking Dead, just like him Terminator movies and series, It’s perhaps not that surprising for fans of the genre to see some of the same faces appear in each franchise. These actors are not only talented, but they also help make each franchise’s global build authentic and familiar – a fantastic hook for fans.

10 Robert Patrick

Mays sits at his desk on The Walking Dead

One of the best guest stars to appear on The Walking Dead, Robert Patrick made his highly anticipated debut in season 10 as twins who had been psychologically changed by the zombie apocalypse. The only downside to such a celebrated star who plays not one but two characters? That they did not appear any longer!

Patrick became a household name playing the T-1000, the hypertrophied version of the T-800, and the villain of Terminator 2: the final judgment. While it’s hard to imagine anyone being more of an unstoppable killing machine than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, Patrick’s cold, calculating gaze, coupled with his incredible new abilities, made him even scarier.

9 Kerry Cahill

Kerry Cahill as Dianne on The Walking Dead

Kerry Cahill, who preferred to let her guns do the talking, brought a viscerally dynamic presence to Dianne’s character in The Walking Dead, who shifted loyalties between Ezekiel and the Kingdom and Hilltop Colony as necessity dictated, always proving to be a valuable martial asset.

Cahill played Lieutenant Whitley in the ill-received Terminator Genisys, another capable fighter from the future who became engaged to Kyle Reese, John Connor, and the Resistance. The film was considered a reboot of the franchise, so its timeline did not follow any previous versions.

8 Xander Berkeley

Surviving the zombie apocalypse didn’t automatically make everyone a born leader, as Xander Berkeley’s Gregory discovered. As the leader of the Hilltop Colony, he ceded control to Negan and the Saviors in an act of cowardice, subjecting his own people to tyranny.

In Terminator 2: the final judgment, Berkeley did not fare much better as a stepfather to John Connor, whose constant complaints about his adopted son ended abruptly when Robert Patrick’s T-1000 impersonated his wife and thrust a bladed hand across her throat as he drank milk directly. from the cardboard box.

7 Garret dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie in Fear The Walking Dead

In The Walking Dead prequel Fear of the walking dead, The beginning of the outbreak was highlighted through the perspective of several key survivors, including a young widow and her children and Garret Dillahunt’s fan-favorite gunman, John Dorie.

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Dorie played another proficient assassin in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a Terminator named Cromartie who became an unexpected ally of Sarah Connor. The series followed his attempts to keep John Connor alive when new assassins were dispatched from the future to prevent him from leading the Resistance. Later, Cromartie became the robotic body of the “John Henry” computer program.

6 Alanna Masterson

Alanna Masterson as Tara in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6

Despite a significant change in the origins of her comics, Alanna Masterson’s Tara Chambler was one of the series’ most beloved characters, eventually becoming a co-leader of the Hilltop Colony. Whether he was the Governor, the Saviors, or the Whisperers, he stood his ground and did what it took to survive, although he was not immune from feeling guilty about his decisions.

Masterson appeared in the second season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles as Zoe McCarthy, one half of a mother-daughter duo who got in touch with Sarah Connor and her teenage son John while attending a funeral with a possible Skynet connection.

5 Nick stahl

Nick Stahl looking surly as Riley in Fear The Walking Dead

Fear of the walking dead featured Nick Stahl in the moody and philosophical role of Riley, a high-ranking member of the Doomsday Cult who rose to fame in season six. After replacing Teddy as the leader of the sect, he took control of the Holding and tried to lead his followers to his idea of ​​salvation.

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Stahl played John Connor as an adult in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, living off the grid in the wake of his mother’s death. Having prevented Skynet from connecting, he believed that Judgment Day had passed, but the reappearance of a T-800 and the new “Terminatrix” made him realize that Skynet’s plan was inevitable.

4 Chris hardwick

Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead

Although technically it is not in any of The Walking Dead series, Chris Hardwick was the host of The speaking dead, an aftershow that offered commentary and criticism after each episode of The Walking Dead. The recap explored everything from character deaths and plot twists to fan theories and other rumors.

Hardwick appeared in a small part in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines as Tobias, an engineer who worked for Cyber ​​Research Systems, and reported on the state of military networks after Robert Brewster brought Skynet online. He survived the battle between the T-1 and the CRS Labs Hunter-Killer, but may not have survived Doomsday.

3 Zach McGowan

Zach McGowan as Justin on The Walking Dead

Thanks to his selfishness, laziness and negative attitude, few would want Zach McGowan’s Justin on their team at The Walking Dead. Exiled from Rick’s group, hated by Daryl, and especially hated among the survivors of the Oceanside group, he found a home among the Saviors. While the group allowed him to fulfill all his murderous wishes, he finally got what he deserved.

McGowan had a small role in Terminator salvation as a soldier in John Connor’s Resistance in a future that had been partially altered, thanks to the emergence of someone who might hold the key to humanity’s fate in the upcoming war against Skynet and the machines.

2 Michael Papajohn

George (Michael Papajohn) reviving himself after dying by lethal injection in Fear The Walking Dead

Fear of the walking dead featured Michael Papajohn as George, a dangerous prisoner in the Texas prison who was put on death row for his crimes and is due to be executed at the time of the initial outbreak. After his execution by lethal injection, he revived and attacked the guards and other prisoners sentenced to death.

Papajohn appeared in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines as a paramedic, and in Terminator salvation as Carnahan, one of John Connor’s Resistance soldiers who was skeptical of using a terminator he doesn’t trust against Skynet and the rest of the machines.

1 Joshua Mikel

Hateful and violent, it wasn’t surprising that Joshua Mikel’s Jared defied Rick’s decisions at every turn. The Walking Dead. It was also not surprising when he ended up joining the Saviors, his bullish demeanor matched perfectly with Negan’s aggressive leadership style.

Mikel took advantage of his ability to play characters with bad attitudes in Terminator Genisys, playing an angry driver who yelled expletive at Guardian when he suddenly stopped his truck to focus on Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese being escorted by the police.

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