Bachelorette student Clare Crawley is “on the way to healing” after having her breast implants removed due to Breast Implant Disease.

High school student Clare Crawley is “on the road to healing“after her breast implants were removed. The 40-year-old ABC star previously revealed to fans on Instagram that she had a health problem in which she suffered symptoms such as elevated white blood cell counts and an itchy rash covering the top half.Although Clare loves her implants, she values ​​their health to a higher degree.

Clare took the reins of the show’s sixteenth season, making her the oldest female lead on Bachelorette party history. The season turned controversial when he decided that 32-year-old contestant and model Dale Moss was the love of his life and got engaged prematurely, ending his season after just two weeks of filming. Although the couple have had a rough ride with breakups and makeup, Clare and Dale recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. It turns out that Dale really helped Clare make the decision to have her implants removed, as he simply reminded her that the size of her breasts is not what makes her beautiful.

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Clare She shared a picture of herself on Instagram this weekend in the hospital radiant alongside a bouquet of flowers. “The surgery was officially done + I’m on my way to healing, “first Bachelorette party the leader wrote, adding that it was not an easy decision, but she is incredibly grateful for him “overwhelming support“throughout your journey to a healthier lifestyle.”Having all of you gave me a boost as my brain slipped into moments of doubt, it really cheered me up. And so I will continue to transmit it to anyone else who needs to hear this … our body shape does not define us or make us less kind or worthy. We are perfectly made just the way we are“Clare said.

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Despite years of appointments and tests with different doctors and specialists, Clare still couldn’t understand why her body was reacting so aggressively until her chiropractor suggested that she get a mammogram. After the first test, Clare said doctors found fluid behind the implants and told her she had breast implant disease. The diagnosis made it clear that Clare’s body was fighting a foreign substance, which made her high white blood cell count make sense. Once Clare had some information and answers, her next steps became an easy decision to make. He later went to Instagram to admit he’s “very confident and happy“with its decision to proceed with the removal.”Maintaining good mental health through this, that’s a challenge“he said in a post last week.”But staying strong knowing that you are your own advocate, I keep it at the forefront. “

Embracing one’s worth has always been the name of the game for the former Bachelorette party. Although Clare never planned for this health issue on her journey called life, it was thankfully just a bump in the road and an opportunity to inspire others while experiencing it. In a world filled with Photoshop, Clare’s courage to put her health first and share her terrifying journey with fans will surely help them realize that they are also perfect in whatever shape, color or size they come in, as long as when they put their own health at the forefront.

High school airs Mondays at 8 pm on ABC.

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Source: Clare Crawley / Instagram

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