From Software’s fans Dark souls you will surely be familiar with its diversity of character building. Those who were present during the glory days of the original game before the release of Dark souls 2 It will surely remember backfishing katana wielders, dark magic spammers, and Giantdads all hell-bent on ruining a gamer’s day.

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However, the diversity of settings is one of the game’s main selling points, and a big part of the reason fans keep coming back to. Dark souls all these years later. The possibilities are limitless, and dreaming of an unconventional, ingenious, or creative build is always an excellent excuse to start a new game.

10 Havel cosplay

A fully equipped Havel set, with a matching weapon.

Although the PvP meta in Dark souls generally gravitates towards fast, high-DPS builds, everyone still seems to love Havel, the huge, heavily armored NPC who inexplicably guards an otherwise unremarkable tower. The build is pretty simple – as long as a player has 50 strength, as well as an equally high level of stamina and vitality, they can sport Havel’s armor and weapons with ease.

All of this equipment will make a player roll and move very slowly, but with an enormous amount of defense and enough poise to withstand most attacks in the game, a player can eat all the damage they want while preparing to pulverize. his opponent with the Dragon’s Tooth.

9 Individual gloves

One player wielding dual Caestus, fishing PvP in the forest.

Does beating demons to death sound attractive? Of course yes, who does not want to defeat the fearsome enemies of Dark souls with nothing but his fists (something) naked? For those who seek this path, there is the dual structure of Caestus.

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For a dual Caestus run, a player will need to be an expert at stopping attacks and will want to primarily level strength, vitality, and stamina. They’ll also want to focus on upgrading their weapons as quickly as possible to get a much-needed boost in damage output. Those looking for a more “crystal cannon” approach can trade some of their vitality for faith as a means of equipping late damage buffs like Sunlight Blade.

8 Strength / Faith + Any Huge Weapon

Set of 1 The Dark Souls stone.

Strength / faith builds with huge oversized weapons are a lot of fun, but they also offer the secondary benefit of making DEX levelers realize the mistakes of their paths, as it is impossible for them to respect themselves. Dark souls player to resist hitting their opponents in the head with an oversized weapon, polished to perfection with Sunlight Blade.

Although there is a good degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing which miracles to perform with this build, most players wielding heavy weapons like the Great Serpent Sword of Man will opt for melee range options like Strength and Wrath of the Gods and, of course, the Light of the Sun. Sword.

7 Dex / Fe + Falchion

How to earn Dark Souls, as shown on the statistics screen.

Also known as Oroboro’s “highly skilled” PvP structure, the falchion wielders in Dark souls he would normally blow up a structure with around 40 dexterity, 30 faith, and a fair amount of stamina as well. These stats, along with the Grass Crest Shield, the Ring of Favor and Protection, and the Ring of Havel ensured that a player using this build would have a nearly unlimited resistance pool to work with.

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That’s where the “highly skilled” part comes in. With so much stamina and dexterity, as well as access to upgrade miracles like the Sunlight Blade, a player with this build can simply smash R1 indefinitely past the defenses of players and enemies alike.

6 High INT Dark Magician

A player who casts spells in Dark Souls.

Full Wizardry builds are generally not recommended for newcomers to Dark souls, mainly because they often struggle with damage early in the game, and they also require a great deal of game knowledge to acquire the most powerful (and viable) spells in the game.

However, for those with a little knowledge, a full magic setup can be a lot of fun and surprisingly effective in both PvE and PvP. A gamer will want to focus heavily on intelligence and at the same time be careful not to neglect vitality and stamina. Most players, once they have reached the proper level, will opt for high-level Dark Magic like Pursuers and Dark Pearls to complete most of their damage output.

5 DEX Ninja

A player wielding the Uchigatana.

The so-called ninja constructions have a good degree of flexibility. Just aim for 40 dexterity and rank the extra points on stamina or faith, depending on whether Pyromancy or Miracles are the late game targets for the character in question, and a character will flash across the screen with the grace of an anime character who is reached its final form.

Essential gear for any good ninja build includes the Shadow armor set, a player’s choice of katana, and most importantly, the dark wood grain ring. This ring, when worn by a player with a gear load below 25%, unlocks the swing speed colloquially known as the “ninja spin”, making a player’s dodge roll much faster and more efficient.

4 Cosplay Smough

Ornstein and Smough making their presentation.

Although Ornstein’s cosplay might be more popular overall, there’s still a solid case for dressing up as his much bigger, slower friend. However, the downsides to this gear are obvious – a player will need more than 39 strength to wield Smough’s Hammer, equipping Smough’s Armor greatly damages stamina regen, and of course Ornstein and Smough, considered one of the the most challenging bosses in the game. , must be defeated to acquire any of these items.

Still, there are few feelings more satisfying than taking on a flurry of attacks before smashing an opponent with a hammer so outrageously large that it snags on half of the objects in the environment and obscures a considerable portion of the screen.

3 Dex / Pyro

All the pyromancers in Dark Souls 1 used it for some reason.

High-dexterity builds with access to high-level pyromancy have remained among the most popular character builds on Dark souls, thanks to its flexibility, simplicity and downright outrageous damage output. The typical trifecta of dexterity, vitality and stamina will allow a player to become a DPS machine with almost every curved sword in the game.

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Of course, no DEX build would be complete without the healthy inclusion of high-end pyromances like Great Combustion and Black Flame. These pyromances, in particular, are designed to be used primarily in the close combat range, perfectly complementing the damage output and straightforward playstyle of a maxed out DEX build.

2 Double Bone Wheels + Thorns Armor

A player wielding two bone wheels.

Dark souls It’s a game packed with hated enemies, but most players would likely nominate the Wheel Skeleton as the most infamous, perhaps only rivaled by the equally hated Anor Londo Archers. The Wheel Skeleton always appears to roll faster than a player can run, causing great damage and frustration on impact.

However, as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Such is the inspiration behind this build, which sees a player equipping two Bone Wheel shields and one Armor of Thorns, as well as leveling out strength and stamina. The offensive ability of Bonewheel shields makes them the most “viable” option for a dual shield run, and Armor of Thorns adds damage to a player’s roll, making them feel like the hated rolling skeletons.

1 Giantdad

Giantdad in his trademark pose.

Considered by many to be the pinnacle of Dark souls meme, the so-called “Giantdad” build remains a fan favorite due to its imposing stature and hilarious min-maxing antics. Finding his humble origins in a 2012 YouTube meme video simply titled “HE HAS RETURNED,” Giantdad is a fast-moving agent of chaos who is also one of the most important cultural touchstones in the world. Dark souls community.

The construction itself is quite simple. Simply acquire 66 Stamina and 48 Vitality, equip the classic combination of the Ring of Havel and the Ring of Favor and Protection, and then don the full Giant Armor except of course for the iconic Mask of the Father. Enjoy the fast life and separate the casual ones with Zweihander.

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