Do a god and a super powerful alien need to sleep? That’s a question fans have pondered for a long time, and now they’re finally getting an answer.

Warning: Spoilers for Last Journey of Justice League # 3 go ahead!

There are many questions fans have about their favorite heroes and how far their abilities can really go, and in terms of Superman Y Wonder Woman, one of those burning questions is whether or not these Justice League powerhouses need to sleep. Well in Last Journey of Justice League # 3 DC finally answered this question once and for all, and the accompanying caveats.

The Goddess of Truth and the Man of Steel have incredible powers that defy human ability, but due to their virtual invincibility and lack of age, fans often ponder where the limits of Superman and Wonder Woman lie. Questions about whether Diana is really bulletproof or not, whether Superman can get sunburned, and more often circulate throughout the entire DC fanbase. Now, Superman himself has cleared up a commonly speculated dilemma.

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Last Journey of Justice League # 3 Creators Chip Zdarsky, Miguel Mendonca, Enrica Angiolini made sure fans know once and for all, through Superman himself, that sleep is a luxury and not a necessity for them. When the Justice League turns to Apokolips in this latest issue, to use Darkseid’s old traps and devices to prevent the Zarnian bounty hunter, Lobo, from being killed or captured by the wrong people, the team agrees that they must remain vigilant. . This includes people who keep watch while others get some rest. Superman is quick to offer himself and Diana for the role, casually mentioning that neither of them need sleep. Regardless, Diana still offers him to get some sleep while she watches over, and tells him that even though he doesn’t need it, it’s still good to have him: which means still may sleep, even though it’s okay to go without it.

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Superman Wonder Woman_Sleepless

This most likely also means that her cousin Kara, aka Supergirl, probably doesn’t need to be involved in this specific piece of human survival either. Of course, this isn’t the first time DC has hinted at this fact. There have been several instances where Superman himself, or other characters, have referenced his lack of need for sleep, but this is the most direct and accurate response fans have received thus far and it also answers the question regarding it. to Wonder Woman. . However, there are downsides to Superman’s relationship to sleep, one of which was noted in Bendis’ Superman # 20. Because you don’t need to sleep, if you become unconscious, your body will overcompensate for what it registers as excessive sleep deprivation by staying out longer in an attempt to recover.

It is unknown if the same weakness applies to Diana when it comes to this insomnia strength. But one thing is now for sure, the DC resident alien and Greek goddess don’t need to close their eyes to move on. Sometimes it can be helpful to rest your mind or just give yourself a much needed rest, but it is not something you need to sustain yourself. It’s definitely a force that most of Earth’s heroes can’t claim (although Batman probably wishes they could), and it can come in handy at times like this. Last Voyage of the Justice League # 3, which requires someone to keep an eye on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will be interesting for fans to see how else this strength will be helpful in moving forward, and what weaknesses could be born from it as well.

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