Friday Night Lights featured a number of memorable characters, but what happened to Dillon Panthers quarterback JD McCoy after season 4?

What happened to Joe Doyle “JD” McCoy (Jeremy Sumpter), the prodigiously gifted quarterback of the Dillon Panthers, after Friday night lights Season 4? The high school football drama went through something of a reboot for season 3, with many Dillon High students graduating and leaving the Panthers behind. This required some fresh blood for coach Eric Taylor’s (Kyle Chandler) team at Friday night lights.

That included McCoy, who was seen as the next Jason Street (Scott Porter) – an incredible talent who could lead the team to more glory and was destined to play in the NFL. Of course, things have never been so simple at Dillon. JD had an attitude and ego problem, compounded by his father’s abusive treatment of him and the pressure on his young shoulders. While JD continued as West Dillon’s quarterback even after coach Taylor left and East Dillon’s team was formed in season 4, the character eventually disappeared from view.

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After Friday night lights Season 4, in which he is a supporting actor in the story of Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria) and the ongoing rivalry with the Lions, JD McCoy is never seen again. What happened to him is not revealed, but given the drama surrounding the family and that Dillon is no longer enslaved by Joe McCoy (DW Moffett), it seems likely they left town. This notion was supported by showrunner Jason Katmis in a 2011 interview with television guide, where he said: “I think he and his dad went back to Dallas. I don’t think they could ever win over Dillon the way they thought they were going to. So that’s where JD is. “

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Matt Saracen and JD McCoy in Friday Night Lights

Even then, Joe’s goal would have been to get his son to the NFL. Is saying that in Friday night lights season 5, the Panthers head coach is Mac McGill (Blue Deckert), rather than former JD personal trainer Wade Aikmen (Drew Waters), who took over in season 4 after Taylor’s departure. This supports the idea that JD left Dillon and perhaps returned to Dallas. One theory is that he is the quarterback for the Hudgin Hawks, the team the East Dillon Lions beat to win State, as he also wears No. 12 and plays a bit like him. It’s certainly plausible, but it feels like the kind of thing Friday night lights I would have done a great deal. Given McCoy’s skill, it is possible that he had a bright future, and perhaps more chances to win a championship, although it is also very possible that he was exhausted or decided to stop playing (perhaps due to the actions of his father ).

Either way, it wasn’t unheard of for Friday night lights drop characters. Besides JD, the most notable example is in the mystery of what happened to Santiago Herrera (Benny Ciaramello), who never returned after season 2. In that case, the sudden end of the show due to the writers’ strike ( and the poor reception of season 2) made the many abandoned stories more understandable. Friday night lights It certainly didn’t hurt him not to see the end of JD’s story, but it would be fascinating to see what became of him.

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