A Minecraft player used the game’s sand-falling technique to produce a gigantic, colorful portrait of Steve sitting in an open field.

TO Minecraft The player posted a video showing a portrait they made of the game’s protagonist, Steve, made entirely of falling sand. The sandbox video game is full of ways to build elaborate creations like this image, even to the extent that some Minecraft Mods are better than official game updates.

Art of sand falling in Minecraft involves Create a desired image or shape by balancing blocks of sand on raised torches. The game’s art form can produce pixelated renderings of any desired image, as long as the creators don’t mind spending a lot of time building their design. Some players will take a long time to complete large-scale, detailed builds, such as a Minecraft the creator’s 200-block diameter ocean base, which took six months to manufacture. All of these creations are considerable achievements, in part due to the extensive work required to make them.

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The art of falling sand is slightly different from other elaborately constructed pieces in Minecrafthowever, and the Reddit user KevinJNguy01Steve’s huge graphic shows why. After stacking blocks of sand on torches that reached over 1000 blocks in the sky, the creator’s video shows them removing the lowermost torch and causing the entire structure to collapse to the ground on purpose. Having used so many blocks of sand falling from such great heights, the entire fall took almost a full minute, with the footage sped up, before assembling into a colossal and colorful portrait of Steve sitting in an open field. As a result, the very destruction of the building gives way to your final product.

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The user didn’t reveal too much about the process behind the creation of this great piece of art, but he did answer a few questions left by commenters in his post. In response to someone who asked about his approach to the project, KevinJNguy01 mentioned that “I had [the sand] start from the side and go through the branches to create fewer lags as there were fewer entities falling at once. ” Other reddit users noted that some blocks of sand reached heights that exceeded Minecraft limits, which led KevinJNguy01 to clarify that they used a data package implemented by Minecraft developer Mojang Studios to modify the height restrictions. Without exceeding the height limits, the graph may not have been able to reach such a huge scale.

The Minecraft The creator didn’t mention how long the piece took, but the final product boasts an impressive level of scale and detail. It’s hard to take shortcuts in Minecraft When creating constructions in the game that require meticulous design and a large number of materials, and the art of falling sand is not without this fact. However, for this very reason, finishing big projects like this portrait of Steve is undoubtedly an achievement that everyone Minecraft fans can enjoy.

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Minecraft is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Android, and iOS.

Source: KevinJNguy01 / Reddit

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