Jennifer Hudson sings Aretha Franklin’s signature song in a new clip from MGM’s upcoming biopic about the iconic soul singer, Respect.

Jennifer Hudson has taken on the herculean task of singing some of Aretha Franklin’s most famous songs, as well as some lesser-known tracks from her entire career in the new biopic. I respect. Hudson is one of the most respected and talented vocalists in the music business. After reaching seventh place during the third season of american idol In 2004, Jennifer rose through the ranks of the music industry and eventually turned to acting, where she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her feature debut as Effie White in the film. Dream girls.

Hudson portrays the life of Aretha Franklin in the biopic, detailing the rise of the singer’s remarkable journey from a child singer in her father’s church choir to international stardom. The film chronicles Franklin’s journey to find his voice. In the clip seen below, Hudson embodies the superstar, from his 1960s clothing and makeup to his characterization of Franklin’s onstage presence and his seemingly effortless rendition of some of his most iconic songs.

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Hudson, who was selected by the late singer to play her in the film, which opens on August 13, said she worked hard to try to capture the essence of Franklin in an interview with Fandango.

By capturing the essence of Aretha, I was allowing whatever influence she had on me to come out instead of mimicking her or trying to recreate everything she did because you can’t do that. There is only one Aretha Franklin, no one understands her more than me. To pay tribute to his legacy and use his nuances or the way he would approach a song. Our voices are similar in different ways but constructed differently. As long as we kept his faith and sang with our soul, and kept honest, I think that was the bridge. That was what brought it all together.

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  • Respect (2021)Release Date: Aug 13, 2021

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