The Celestial Dragons (also known as the World Nobles) were the descendants of the nations that made up the World Government in the One piece universe. Later, they were practically immune to the laws that the Navy established and personally protected by the three admirals.

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Due to their arrogance and unbridled god complex, they inflicted an unprecedented amount of pain and suffering on anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. By analyzing their worst crimes, we can better appreciate how necessary it is for the Revolutionary Army to overthrow them.

10 Mjosgard held Otohime at gunpoint despite being the only fishman trying to help him (One Piece)

Otohime and mjosgard

After his ship was destroyed, Saint Mjosgard found himself stranded on Fishman Island. He immediately started making demands on the locals without realizing how easy it was for them to kill him.

Before they could, Otohime got in their way, using her body as a human shield. Even when Mjosgard held her at gunpoint, she refused to allow hatred to exacerbate the tension between her people and the human race. Despite Mjosgard’s betrayal, Otohime’s altruism paid off as she agreed to sign a treaty that would protect her kingdom and allow her to interact with the upper world.

9 Doflamingo murdered his own brother

After realizing his brother’s evil nature, Corazon defected from the Doflamingo family and took Law with him. He was determined to save the young man from his illness and would even risk everything to give him the Ope Ope fruit.

Doflamingo was less than amused by Corazon’s poignant act of humanity. After the other family members savagely beat him, he shot his own brother to death while Law could only watch helplessly from the sidelines. The barbarity of the villain would leave scars for more than a decade.

8 Charloss tried to assassinate Zoro for being rude

Zoro fakes his death in sabaody

After stumbling upon Saint Charles, Zoro did not treat him with the reverence that the Celestial Dragon had come to expect. Outraged by the swordsman’s behavior, Charloss tried to shoot him dead in the middle of the street.

Fearing what might happen if Zoro attacked Charloss, Jewelry Bonny helped fake his death. Although a bit suspicious about the fate of his target, Charloss eventually moved on, as he was satisfied that Zoro’s “arrogance” had been sufficiently addressed. His crime in the Archipelago was worse than Doflamingo’s because he had not actually been wronged in the least.

7 Saint Rosward enslaved pirate captains as novelties

Saint Rosward of the Heavenly Dragons

Saint Rosward was Charloss’s father and a senior member of the Celestial Dragons. He proved to be even more devious than his successors through his diverse collection of enslaved pirate captains.

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Rosward was a frequent visitor to the human auction house in the Sabaody Archipelago and was a blatant purveyor of human trafficking. Their god complex and apathy towards others embody the worst aspects of heavenly dragons and demonstrate why they are so hated by the rest of the world.

6 Saint Jalmack nearly murdered Sabo simply for crossing his path

world noble

On the day of Saint Jalmack’s arrival in the kingdom of Goa, officials made sure that there were no ships sailing to or from that location. Just when it looked like he would have an uneventful arrival, Sabo crossed his path in a small boat to begin his legend as a pirate.

Unfortunately, Jalmack did not find this gesture attractive. He prepared a bazooka and opened fire on the small boat, sinking it in two shots before a horrified crowd. The nobleman tried to allow himself the murder of a child for a misdemeanor, illustrating how depraved he really was.

5 Charloss tried to buy Camie and use her as fish feed

Camie in a prison bowl piece

After being captured by bounty hunters, Camie was taken to the human auction and presented as a luxury item. Given the rarity of mermaids, Charloss was immediately intrigued by it and came up with a massive initial offer that the Straw Hats couldn’t hope to beat.

She told her companions that she wanted to put her in the same tank with vicious water monsters to see if the mermaids could really swim as fast as the legends said. Fortunately, Luffy managed to free her before she could be subjected to such a cruel fate.

4 World nobles branded Boa Hancock and her sisters

Boa's back is marked by world nobles

In her early years, Boa Hancock was a prisoner and slave of the World Nobles. They forced her into extreme situations to satisfy their own twisted desires, such as forcing her to eat a devil fruit and mark it on her back as a sign of their ownership.

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After being saved by Fisher Tiger, Hancock and his sisters were still traumatized by what had happened for years. The atrocious behavior of the Heavenly Dragons even convinced them to resent all men.

3 Doflamingo caused a massacre and usurped an entire nation

Doflamingo took it upon himself to usurp the kingdom of Dressrosa and seize it. To sabotage Riku’s reputation, he blackmailed him into collecting insane taxes from the people on pain of the death of his subjects.

Once he did, Doflamingo used his devil fruit to manipulate Riku’s body and attack civilians anyway. He intervened to end the massacre once Riku caused enough chaos and proclaimed himself the nation’s newest hero and leader.

2 Doflamingo vowed to destroy the entire world

Although Doflamingo shared many points in common with the pirates, his end game couldn’t have been more different. Instead of conquering the seas and obtaining treasures, he wanted to destroy the entire world.

The reason for his schedule was simple. Since he felt betrayed by the Heavenly Dragons for refusing to let him return to his city after his father’s denunciation, the only way he felt he could meaningfully retaliate against them was by causing as much chaos as possible. Unfortunately, that meant that everyone around him would get caught up in his deranged plan for revenge.

1 The five elders used the marines to oppress the entire world

The Five Elders were one of the most prominent authorities of the One piece universe. Applying their genius intellect together, they commanded the Marine forces and used them to oppress the entire world. Nothing went unnoticed and his only goal was to end the vocation of piracy, no matter how harmless it was.

Without his grand design, the Heavenly Dragons would never have been able to get away with their atrocities. Furthermore, the institution of the Navy as a whole would not be so horribly corrupt.

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