Set Shazam Photos! Fury of the Gods features Grace Fulton as Mary Marvel / Lady Shazam alongside Djimon Hounsou, who played the Wizard from the first film.

Set photos of Shazam! Fury of the gods show Grace Fulton as Mary Marvel / Lady Shazam alongside Djimon Hounsou wizard. 2019 sequel filming Shazam! you are well on your way. Director David F. Sandberg’s DCEU follow-up will see Billy Batson (Asher Angel) and his titular alter ego (Zachary Levi) return along with their Shazam family after all of their foster siblings were given powers at the end of the first film. All they have to do is say the name of a particular wizard, “Shazam!”, And they become adult superheroes with powers of the gods.

Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer), Eugene (Ian Chen), Pedro (Jovan Armand), Darla (Faithe Herman) and Mary (Grace Fulton) will reprise their roles for Shazam! Fury of the gods. Adam Brody, DJ Cotrona, Ross Butler and Meagan Good will also return as adult versions of these characters. Michelle Borth, who played the adult Mary in the first film, will be replaced by Fulton, who will play both versions of her character in the sequel. In March, it was announced that the movie’s villains would be Hespera (Helen Mirren), her sister Kalypso (Lucy Liu), and West Side Story Breakup Rachel Zegler also joined the cast in an unknown role. Last week, a photo from the set revealed that Djimon Hounsou would return as the Wizard, and now more photos from the set see him alongside Billy’s older foster brother.

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The last look at Shazam! sequel comes courtesy of Shazam updates On twitter. The account posted set photos of Grace Fulton, Djimon Hounsou, Jovan Armand, and Ian Chen. You can see the photos in the tweets below:

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In the first movie, Hounsou’s character was the last surviving member of the Wizard Council. After spending centuries searching for a worthy champion to inherit his powers, he was forced to settle for Billy. The wizard disappeared after giving Billy the divine abilities, but based on the photos above, he is clearly not dead. It seems likely that the sequel will explore more of the Wizard’s past in relation to Hespera and Kalypso.

As for Mary, it’s unclear exactly why Fulton will play the super-powered version of her character instead of Borth in the sequel. In the comics, Mary doesn’t always age like her siblings when she becomes a superhero. The most apparent explanation is that Mary is a grown woman and never needed to grow old in the first place. So they may just have forgotten that aspect of the original movie. In Shazam !, Mary was determined to leave home and move to college. In Shazam! Fury of the godsMary appears to still be with her family as the mythology of the franchise deepens.

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Source: Shazam updates/Twitter

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