Landon Clements left Southern Charm after appearing on the show for seasons 2-4. Since leaving, he moved to Los Angeles and became a real estate agent.

Since they left Southern charm, Landon Clements has left his days as a Charleston socialite behind him. She was introduced to the cast in season 2 and officially left the series after season 4. During her time on the show, Landon got along well with most of her co-stars, but she had trouble connecting with Kathryn Dennis. After the way Kathryn spoke to Landon at Thomas Ravenel’s election party, their friendship was unable to recover. In fact, it only got worse over the years.

Kathryn accused Landon of having an affair with Thomas while she was pregnant with their second child. Both Landon and Thomas strongly denied the accusation, but Kathryn did not feel they were telling the truth. However, the pair seemed to have proven Kathryn right, as Thomas attempted to woo her during his final season on the show.

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So what has Landon been up to since season 4? After the 39-year-old announced she was leaving Southern charm In 2017, she also revealed that she would be moving back to California. “I have decided to return to California, where I will continue my career in residential real estate.“he told Bravo The daily dish at the time. “I recently renewed my license and am delighted to join the CLIMB Real Estate team. While I will not be returning to Southern Charm, I am excited for this next chapter in my life.. “Landon then did an interview with People where he talked about how much he loved real estate and hospitality; it was a career I wanted to get back to. “I know that if I want to go to the next level of things, I really need to go to work.“, he concluded.

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Landon also left Charleston because there was a limited set of dates for her. “I have known most of these guys since I was very young, or I am related to them.“He admitted at the time.”It’s a very, very small city, and there are great guys there, but I’ve known them literally since we were kids..” According to her InstagramIt doesn’t seem like Landon has found that special someone yet. However, he is living a much more fruitful life in Los Angeles than in Charleston. Landon has even traveled the world quite a bit, heading to luxurious resorts in places like Utah and Mexico. However, he has not forgotten his friends in Charleston. Landon sometimes shares photos on Instagram of visiting close friend Shep Rose in Charleston. In fact, she recently posted a photo of herself, Shep, his girlfriend Taylor Ann, and Southern charm rookie, John Pringle.

After going out Southern charmLandon has been living his best life in Los Angeles. Now she is thriving as a real estate consultant and travels whenever she can. It seems that Landon’s decision to leave the show not only helped his career, but gave him more time to travel the world with friends and family.

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