Writer Tom Taylor announces that Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2 will feature the first appearance of a new major character.

With a new Superman comes new adventures and characters to explore, and Superman: Son of Kal-El Writer Tom Taylor has revealed that a new major character will be joining the series soon.

While promoting pre-orders for the second issue of the series, the writer posted on Twitter that Issue 2 would feature the first appearance of a “VERY important character” plus a new outfit for Jon Kent. The first issue had already seen Jon interacting with Superman and characters from other titles, such as Robin from Damian Wayne, Jon’s best friend. It is unknown what role this new character will play in Jon’s life as the new Man of Steel, but early appearances can be hugely important to collectors and readers alike.

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Taking a look at the money side of things, let’s go back to Action Comics # 1 from 1938, which debuted Superman for the first time. This was the character’s first appearance and almost 80 years later, the value has risen to incredible heights for the subject. A high-quality copy sold for a record $ 3.25 million this year in 2021.

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After all, the first appearance of a character can change the world of comics or fade into obscurity in the future, dictating the value of the problem later on. Characters like Superman and Batman have become so ingrained in pop culture that their first appearances will always be highly valued. However, the first appearance of a minor minor character in the 90s may not reach the fame and value of these giants.

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However, the introduction of this new character in Taylor’s book also has implications for where the story may go. bat Man Writer James Tynion IV has introduced a plethora of new and original characters to the world of the caped crusader since he began his tenure in the book, including characters like Punchline (Joker’s new girlfriend and Harley Quinn’s replacement), Ghostmaker, and others. . All of these characters have shaped recent arcs and issues in new ways that haven’t been seen before, such as Punchline’s involvement in Joker War and manipulating others in their own one-shot and jester backup stories.

For Jon Kent, he will already have the support of his mother, Lois Lane, and Taylor has previously commented on more “Super Sons” stories with Jon and Damian. This new character could fill a role never seen before in any of Jon’s stories. Fans will have to tackle the problem to find out what impact this new character can have on the world of Superman.

Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2 goes on sale August 24 from DC Comics. The issue will be written by Taylor in pencils and the cover by John Timms. Sami Basri and In-Hyuk Lee will create variant covers for the theme.

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