While Hunter is captured by the Empire in Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 14, Crosshair probably won’t kill him despite using deadly force in the past.

After Hunter is captured by the Empire at the end of Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 14, Crosshair visits him in his cell at the Imperial military base in Dora, but it may not have been with the intention of killing. While Crosshair has used lethal force in the past to make Clone Force 99 answer for leaving the Empire, such as when he nearly burned the Bad Batch alive inside a working Jedi cruise engine in Episode 8, one theory suggests that Crosshair likely will not kill. Hunter during the last two episodes of season 1 of The bad lot to give yourself a strategic advantage.

Ever since Nala Se amplified the effect of Crosshair’s inhibitor chip in Episode 1, Crosshair has wanted to go after Clone Force 99 for defecting from the Empire. In episode 14 “War-Mantle”, Crosshair gets one step closer to achieving that goal when Hunter is detained by the Empire during a mission to save Clone Commando Gregor from imprisonment at an Imperial military base on Dora. Made evident through his brief encounters with Bad Batch, Crosshair clearly has no qualms about harming former members of his squad, as he attempted to eliminate them with his marksmanship skills on both Bracca and Ryloth. While Crosshair and Hunter’s encounter on Dora marks the first time the two have met one-on-one since Crosshair left Clone Force 99, essentially setting up the showdown that fans have been anticipating since the beginning of the series, the end result it probably won’t. They include Hunter’s death for a few reasons.

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Crosshair probably won’t kill Hunter because he wants to capture the entirety of Clone Force 99. Throughout Season 1, Crosshair’s number one priority has been to follow the Empire’s orders since his inhibitor chip was activated in episode 1. Despite considering Clone Force 99 as traitors to the Empire, Crosshair does not actively attempt to hunt them down until after receiving orders from Admiral Rampart in Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 12. The first words Crosshair says to Hunter in Episode 14 show that his priorities haven’t changed when he says: “I was waiting for the whole team, but you will.While the leader of Clone Force 99 may have been captured, Crosshair’s directive to arrest all Clone Force 99 has yet to be completed. With this in mind, Crosshair will likely use Hunter as bait and set a trap to catch the entire squad when they inevitably attempt to rescue Hunter from Imperial custody.

Hunter The Bad Batch captured episode 14 War Mantle

Based on the arc developed throughout Season 1, Crosshair’s possible plan to use Hunter as bait to capture Clone Force 99 will likely not result in the showdown expected by fans. Many of the earlier episodes of The bad lot showed the team embarking on commissioned odd jobs through Cid’s business unrelated to the show’s main conflict; While the episodes initially appeared as fillers, they may have actually been developing the ranks of Clone Force 99. At the end of each mission, Hunter usually makes a friendly gesture towards his new allies, such as when he provides Rafa with the power bar. data containing the tactical droid information or refuses to accept payment from Hera Syndulla’s parents. Once they learn of Hunter’s capture through their mutual contacts Cid and Rex, all the new friends Bad Batch has made since Crosshair left Clone Force 99 will likely band together to save Hunter, creating a strategy that Crosshair won’t. will be able to predict.

Also, Crosshair probably can’t kill Hunter because he still feels a kinship to him as his former squad member. After Wrecker’s inhibitor chip is temporarily activated in Episode 7, he confesses to Omega that he tried to fight the urge that led him to attack his friends. Using Wrecker’s Star Wars experience as a template, Crosshair probably has a similar experience. Along the Star Wars: The Bad Lot, there are small records on Crosshair’s face that suggest his actions are in conflict, such as when he asks Rampart for permission to hunt Clone Force 99. While Crosshair’s genetic mutation makes him an exceptional shooter, he often fails every time. that shoots the Bad Batch, which could be further proof that he’s fighting momentum.

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