WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of External banks, now streaming on Netflix.

Much like Netflix season 1 External banks It was full of twists and turns, Season 2 has even more shocking moments that make it clear that no one outside of the Pogues can be trusted. With that in mind, let’s examine the betrayals that John B, his allies, and his enemies experience in this world of treasure hunting.

Bahamas shipmates

Season 2 begins when Captain Terrance, Cleo, and Stubbs learn that John B had a $ 50,000 bounty on his head. As such, they try to lock him and Sarah in their boat so that the Bahamian police will apprehend them. They later negotiate a deal and take John’s gold bar, allying with the teens to steal Ward’s gold, with the Pogues still a bit skeptical.

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Almost everyone turns Rafe on

Rafe has a hard time finding people to trust due to his anger issues. Barry leaves him in a swamp for the Kildare cops to arrest him, teaching him a lesson in respect, while Topper later turns on Rafe, knocking him senseless when Rafe attacks Sarah. Finally, Wheezie tricks Rafe into helping Sarah try to retrieve the cross from Santo Domingo.

Carla Limbrey’s killer instinct

Carla is the one who sent the Pogues in search of the cross, using her brother, Renfield, to intimidate them. However, when Renfield obtains the relic and the healing shroud was not inside, he taunts Carla. Surprisingly, he put several bullets at Renfield in the hangar, wanting Rafe as his new partner after killing his relatives.

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Rafe’s losing streak

Rafe has dark moments, echoing when he shot Sheriff Peterkin and she died. The first arrives in the Bahamas when he tries to shoot John B, instead of hitting Sarah in the stomach. He doesn’t seem genuinely sorry for nearly murdering his sister, which explains how he turns on the murderer Carla, throwing her to the ground. She is helpless without her crutches, while Rafe smiles and steals the cross after Renfield’s death.

Rosa drugging Sarah

Sarah’s stepmother Rose wants her to accompany them to Guadalupe after the tragedy when Ward committed suicide. She has chartered a secret barge, and when a panicked Sarah informs her at the mansion how Rafe could have killed again, while Renfield is in the truck with the cross, Rose pretends to be her friend. He offers Sarah tea, but knocks her unconscious and the teenager wakes up on the high seas.

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Ward’s sinister resurrection

There, Sarah discovers that Ward faked his death. He blew up his yacht, but actually escaped through the hatch, using Caruthers diving equipment to swim to safety. He barely escaped, but confesses that it was necessary to bail Rafe out of Peterkin’s death. It would allow Ward to take the family to the Caribbean, barely making a living off the Royal Merchant’s gold, yet he didn’t think Sarah would reprimand him.

The secret of the Pope’s family

Pope discovers from Carla that his family, the Heywards, are tied to the cross and have a unique key in their possession. His father points out his great-grandmother, who confesses that they are descendants of Cecilia, Denmark’s wife Tanny. Tanny was hanged trying to free Cecelia, who drowned trying to escape with her baby from Carla’s family’s slave property centuries ago. Not knowing his inheritance leaves Pope broken, as it has cost them their treasures (the gold and the cross) and a place in the history books.

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Sarah bonding with Topper

When John B is in custody after being framed for Peterkin’s murder, Sarah stays with Topper. He later forges a friendship with his ex again, as he hates how John enjoyed the “death” of Ward, and eventually broke up with the Pogues. He had come to a campfire with Topper, which made John think they were together again, which led to a jealousy game and a fight. It just doesn’t feel right that he goes back to someone who was toxic in his past after telling John that he would marry him.

Big John’s big lie

John’s father, Big John, is alive in Barbados, negotiating a deal with Carla. He will give you the shroud if you help your child. Although he is altruistic, we cannot trust someone who abandoned the boy on a treasure hunt that almost killed him and his friends. John will not take the news in stride as his father did not contact him, leaving the teenager to suffer.

External banks Season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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