Among the many Marvel Studios movies that will be available soon, Captain Marvel continuation The wonders It’s one we haven’t heard much about, but new information from regular insider Daniel RPK has now suggested that the movie is launching a new mystery role to appear alongside its trios of heroines. Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and Mrs. Marvel. The new one was tweeted by Captain Marvel News and details the character’s details for casting, though it doesn’t say if it will be a known character through the comics or if it will be an entirely new character created specifically for the film.

The publication claims that the casting is for “an intelligent scientist with a dry sense of humor and a no-nonsense mindset. The actor should be comfortable with full facial prosthetics. Support.”

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While there isn’t much to go on, the details of the role requiring prosthetics would make the suggestion that it could be a Skrull or Kree, though fans on Twitter have also come up with more suggestions like Sydren, an alien from the planet Drenx than on. the comics is a SWORD recruit Considering the SHIELD division connection seen in WandaVision For Monica Rambeau’s character, that may not be such a far-fetched theory to include in the mix.

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Whether he’s an existing comic book character or not, the “dry sense of humor” requirement is something that has become a staple of Marvel movies. If this supporting role is going to be someone who works with the leads, then a joking scientist boy or girl is the perfect complement to those back-and-forth banter moments that have often been seen between the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in last. With the movie going into production, we’ll probably find out more about this new addition in the coming months.

Kevin Fiege has stated that phase four of the MCU is about new beginnings, and The wonders seems to fit that theme very well. Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Paris, debuted as an adult in WandaVision, in which he also acquired his own superpowers thanks to making his way through Wanda’s spellbinding bubble. We got a glimpse of Monica’s new powers in the WandaVision final, but there are many more questions to be answered and will no doubt be explored in The wonders.

In addition to Monica, we’ll also see the film debut of Ms. Marvel, who will be seen for the first time in her own Disney + series sometime towards the end of the year if the reports are to be believed, although the recent announcement of HawkeyeThe November release date suggests it could be early 2022. Either way, Kamala Khan’s young heroine is currently an unknown entity in the world. MCU, with little knowledge about the plot of his series or his role in The wonders, once again lending itself very well to the theme of Fiege’s new beginnings. The wonders It is currently scheduled to hit theaters in November 2022.

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