WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Seven Deadly Sins season 5, which is now airing on Netflix, as well as the end of the manga.

The seven capital sins is full of people with extraordinary powers, but they are unique to each person based on their race and training. Much of Meliodas’ powers come from his demonic lineage, Elizabeth’s from her angelic lineage, etc. Even humans can gain powers that others only dream of. Ban is one of those humans, who has immortality thanks to the Fountain of Youth and greater physical abilities thanks to his time in Purgatory. He even faced the Demon King when he possessed Meliodas’s body, receiving very little injury in the process. So here are some facts on how Ban can pull off all of these incredible feats.

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Ban can steal your organs

Ban looks ahead

One of Ban’s special abilities in The seven capital sins It’s called Snatch, which allows you to steal physical objects or even powers from other people. However, there is a limit to its range, as abilities can only be physical, such as stamina or speed, and cannot be used to deal damage to another being. This does not stop Ban from causing harm, as he has been shown to use his Snatch powers to steal organs from someone else’s body.

So while Snatch can’t cut an opponent in half, he can rip out their still beating heart. Against this, it seems to allow Ban to give his physical attributes to others using the “Gift” technique. He can also become invisible, possibly by stealing others’ perception of him. This lack of perception also seems to include objects through which one can look at others, such as a crystal ball.

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Ban is immortal

Ban and Elaine hug

Thanks to the Fountain of Youth, Ban is, or rather was, immortal. He went to the Forest of the Fairy King in search of the Source, but instead found his guardian Elaine. The two formed a relationship, which played an important role in obtaining Ban’s immortality. Elaine could not leave the forest because her brother, the Fairy King, was not there to fulfill his duties, including the safety of the Source.

When a demon began to burn the forest, Ban and Elaine were seriously injured, for which she granted Ban immortality by forcing him to drink water from the fountain. Later The seven capital sins, in his quest to revive Elaine after her death, he gave up the immortality he desperately sought to bring her back to life.

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Ban can wipe out an army in one fell swoop

Ban the use of rapture King

Using his Holy Weapon Courechouse, Ban’s powers are dramatically increased. With a skill called Super Concentration, your physical and mental acuity reaches its absolute limits. Not only this, Courechouse can extend the chains that hold its segments together and bend at any angle. This is best demonstrated when he takes out an army of descendants of Indura with one great swing of the staff. This particular power comes from the weapon itself rather than Ban, but Courechouse appears to have been designed especially for him, so it is unknown if others would accomplish the same feats if they used it.

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The ban has a curative factor

Meliodas and Ban in The Seven Deadly Sins

Thanks to drinking the water from the Fountain of Youth, not only is Ban immortal, but he also has a healing factor. Any wound that I hold The seven capital sins it heals almost instantly, no matter how painful it may seem. Not only this, but his own blood has also taken on a healing quality.

It is used multiple times to heal the wounds of others and even restored the Forest of the Fairy King after it was burned by the demon that killed Elaine. Unfortunately, Ban lost immortality when he gave up his immortality to bring Elaine back to life, meaning that he also lost the ability to heal others.

Ban is a master thief

The seven deadly sins forbid the sacred treasure

Growing up in Ravens, Ban was beaten and abused by his parents. As a result of his horrible home life, he resorted to robbery to survive. He eventually ended up in Aberdeen Prison, where he met Zhivago. The two would escape, however, and Zhivago teaches Ban how to steal, though they catch him for a time. He continues to train even after they break up, becoming known as Bandit Ban and eventually Fox’s Sin of Greed.

At one point, Ban even stole all of the kingdom’s stuffed animals, causing all of his children to cry. His love of stealing is what leads him to meet Elaine and gain the powers of the Fountain of Youth. Finally, he abandons his thieving ways forever and becomes the King of Benwick, with his beloved Elaine as his queen.

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