After a string of disappointing movie sequels, Netflix is ​​preparing a Terminator anime show, and that’s probably the best possible route to go.

After a series of disappointing movie sequels, Netflix is ​​preparing a Terminator anime show, and that’s probably the best possible route to go. The history of cinema is littered with examples of classics that inspired shoddy franchises. For instance, Jaws taken to the abysmal Jaws 4roaring shark, The Exorcist I drive to Exorcist 2it’s totally crazy, and Die hard I drive to A good day to diesmooth and routine action. Unfortunately, the Terminator The franchise is among, or at least close to, that dubious group.

Of course there is a bright light in the Terminator sequel to darkness, that being Terminator 2: doomsday, such a great sequel that many believe it surpasses the original. The return of visionary director James Cameron undoubtedly played a part in that success. From there, however, everything has been decent at best and terrible at worst. Terminator: Dark Fate managed to get the best reviews since the Oscar-winning film Terminator 2 back in 2019, which is a bit of an ambiguous compliment, but by that time, fans had disconnected and it sank like a stone at the box office.

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Despite that, the Terminator The franchise is still considered a potentially lucrative property, especially since it is far from being limited to movies, as TV shows, video games, toys, and just about every other type of tying has been done to suck up fans’ money. . Hollywood will likely never give up, as the upcoming Netflix movie shows. Terminator anime. Surprisingly, this will mark TerminatorIt’s the first foray into animation and, thankfully, it couldn’t come at a better time for the franchise.

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After three movies in a row that proved to be a certain level of failure, and Terminator 3 While generally considered decent by most, it’s fair to say that none of the studios involved seem to know exactly how to get the movie franchise back on track. Weather Terminator 7 It seems inevitable, at the same time, taking a break from the big screen for a while is a terrific idea and one that rights holders should embrace. Focusing on an anime show for Netflix presents a great opportunity to keep the franchise alive and relevant, but also take a creative risk that most studios hesitate to take when releasing $ 100 million to $ 200 million blockbusters.

Terminator as a property badly needs to be injected with new life in some way, especially after trying to bring back the trio of James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton did nothing to save Dark destiny box office. Unless Cameron comes back like Terminator director to save things, which seems unlikely considering his Avatar commitments, the Terminator Movies must change things, and Netflix anime can be used as a testing ground for new ideas and characters to see if fans are willing to accept them. While the anime doesn’t necessarily have to ignore the continuity above, that may actually be better, considering how much it has been twisted by. Genisys Y Dark destiny. While details on the anime show are scant, having only been announced a few months ago, this Netflix project could be the exact shot. Terminator needs.

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